Thursday, January 21, 2010


Go it's been a while since my last update, as it usually is... I'm trying to blog more, but I can't stand how my blog looks. It seriously needs a makeover.

In other news, I'm having my first giveaway. Hosted by Tieka at Selective Potenial. To be entered become a fan of my Facebook page and comment on her entry.
I just started to sponsor her blog! She write about fashion and cute things about Michigan that make me miss home. Check out this lovely graphic she made:

Guess who gets to go to Michigannnn?!? I leave tomorrow to go home to visit family. I'm so excited.. I'm working on a list of places I have to make sure I go to while I'm home.. here is my list so far:

1. Fricano's pizza, downtown Muskegon or Grand Haven
Best thin pizza in the world!

2. Burger Crest in Fruitport
Amazing cheeseburgers. and they have these little apple pie nuggets that make me want to die.

Even though it will be very cold and I have to be sure to pack my snow boots. I miss the lake.

4. City Cafe in downtown Muskegon
Best martinis ever and amazing food.

5. Valueland
I miss thrifting in Muskegon. I've boycotted Goodwills in Georgia. They throw away their donated cassette wallets, because "no one buys them" .. I tried making a deal with the manager to set them aside instead of throwing them away. But she was a total bitch so I'm done with that place. Plus they don't really contribute to the community. Salvo is where it's at. But Valueland beats em both hands down. It's not like I need anymore fabric though.

6. Pints & Quarts
Guiness on draft while hanging out with my brother. Mmmmm. Good times.

7. Biggby coffee
I used to be a barista at Michigan State when it was still Beaners. There are no coffee shops in Georgia that can even compare to Biggby! I absolutely hate Starbucks. I have been craving a Teddy Bear (white chocolate and caramel) latte since I left Michigan in November.

Now time to start packing all my warm clothes and boots. I haven't even seen snow this winter!

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  1. Teddy Bear is a most awesome drink!

  2. For some reason I just saw this post and I love it!! I'm super glad to have you sponsor my blog.. and I love everything you posted about Michigan! :)