Monday, January 25, 2010

La Fave Marushkas

I'm home in Muskegon, visiting my parents and family. My sister, Rachael, my mom and I spent the day thrifting in Grand Haven. I really miss Michigan thrift stores. They are the best! 

I found these two beautiful silk screen framed wall hangings by "La Fave". One is two Blue Herons on a branch, and the other is a North American Goose. They're probably an off brand Marushka from the 70s. Since Marushkas were printed in Spring Lake, Grand Haven area, thrifting around here is perfect for finding them. They are all over my house, and the wonderful Lake Michigan scenes are beautiful and remind me of home. Rachael wasn't going to allow me to buy them since I have so many.
I removed them from their wooden frames with a screw driver and some pliers. I'm going to make two handbags while I'm home. I'll have to find some khaki material for the backside and the canvas for the front. Maybe some old wooden dowels for handles and make them into totes. 

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