Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blistered fingers

How am I so exhausted when it's not even 10pm? My bones are aching, my fingers all blistered. I somehow managed to burn the palm of my hand! What is wrong with me today?! Uhhh. A glass of wine is helping.

I made about 30 cassette wallets today! Including this Buddy Holly wallet from a Dutch cassette. Then I realized it was the 51st anniversary of his death, straaaange. My hot glue gun is begging me for a break, my fingers as well. But I do feel very productive.

It was a little too cold to sew in the basement of my mother's house all day, so I camped out upstairs glueing and glueing,... watching crappy episodes of ever version of CSI with my stepdad, Vegas, NY, Miami.. all crap shows.

They make me so irritated with their one liners... "you know... where there's blood.... there's *dun dun dun* DNA!" Ahhh. I just want to punch David Carouso in the face. And then step on his sunglasses breaking them into a million little pieces.

I'm getting a little homesick for Georgia. This Michigan weather is way too cold!

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