Friday, February 5, 2010

Meet Squirt, the cat

I'm still in Michigan, less than a week left now. Just wrapped up my sewing for the day. This little shithead cat has been at my feet all day. My mom's cat, Squirt. I bought him a few years ago at Pruess' Pets in Lansing, Michigan. I used to go in there to see all the cute little kitties, even though I had two at home and didn't need more. Well the clerk decided to let me hold one of them, which they never do. This cat lunges out of his cage at me and won't let me put him back. He was the oldest kitty there and no one wanted him. He was $100 and came with a free bag of cat food. So I bought him.

I walk in the front door of my apartment and my two girl cats, Clementine and Stella, are not pleased. He is a terror and destroys everything in my apartment. Everytime I took a bath he'd jump in with me. He's play with rolls of toilet paper, shredding them like they were nothing. I come to the realization that I can not have three cats... so what is my solution? He becomes a Christmas present for my little sister, Rachael! Great idea huh? 

She brings him back to Augusta, Georgia after visiting Michigan for the holidays, and he's the biggest shithead you can imagine. Can't be by himself, destroys everything he touches. She couldn't even have flowers in a vase because he'd knock them over. She's in the Navy so naturally she has to deploy so he comes back to Michigan. Long story short he now lives with my mother and stepdad. Still destroying the house, biting ankles, waking everyone up at all hours of the night. 

This picture is a great representation of him, always getting into something. He owns this house.

Here are a few photos of the tote I finished earlier from the silk screen wall hangings I bought last week and also wrote about here

For sale in my Etsy shop here.

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  1. Haha he is a little shithead cat but he's pretty awesome too!