Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Getting a very late start to my day today as a result of a late night last night. Now comes the huge task of moving my sewing room (all of it) downstairs. It's a huge job; I've been putting it off all week.

My sister, Rachael, and I share a three bedroom house in Augusta, Georgia. I have, had, the entire upstairs, which is a Jack and Jill style two bedroom sharing a bathroom. Since November, when I moved down here, I've had the bedroom across from mine set up as the craft/sewing room. Now we are getting a third roommate in March, one of her co-workers (Rachael is a CTT, 2nd class, in the Navy, stationed at Fort Gordon). So we are turning the downstairs dining room into the sewing space. I've slowly been moving things down there. Last night I managed to get my sewing desk, sewing machine, and serger down there. Today I'm starting with cutting tables, organizers, ironing boards, etc. Fabric is going to be a major pain in the ass! Blah. I'd rather get back to sewing.

I just went outside to feed one of our strays, Isobel. She's been coming around the house for months, even before I was here. We always assumed she was just an outdoor cat that someone was neglecting, because she always had a collar on. One day I was petting her, and her skin was all scabs at the time, and I realized she was completely bald under her collar! I ran inside, got a pair of scissors, and cut off the collar.

See how it looks grey in the picture? It was bright pink on the inside! I imagine she's about 4 or 5 years old, and has been a stray for at least two years. She's skin and bones, we're trying to fatten her up. Thankfully, the hair where her collar was is starting to grow back. The scab on her skin is almost completely gone; I can finally pet her and know it isn't painful for her. I think she's starting to get healthy now that she's getting steady food. I'd like to see her gain a few more pounds and then try to find her a home.

I haven't bothered getting a recent photo of her since she's scared of the shutter on my SLR. She always runs away or gets skittish after I take her picture.

She's such a sweet cat. I just spent about half an hour outside with her. She let me pet her belly for the first time. I hate that people in military towns just dump their animals when it comes time to move. I don't understand how some people don't have compassion for animals. Maybe I'm just a crazy cat lady, but I can't watch them suffer.

The local Humane Society is a no kill shelter, hopefully they can find these cats a home. I already have two brats of my own (Clementine and Stella) and Rachael has one. If anyone in the Georgia area is interested in getting a sweet cat, let me know. They deserve someone who is going to be able to give the proper attention and nourishment.

In the meantime, I'll keep feeding the four or five cats that come around. Clementine doesn't like them in her backyard and she always attacks the glass telling them "go away, this is my house!" She's such a brat.

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  1. I think that I am a crazy cat lady (though Craig is just as guilty)...that is how we ended up with our third cat last year. A friend of a friend had a stray kitten show up on their porch during a hail storm in Muskegon and once I heard that and saw a picture, it was impossible to say no! I now stay away from pet-adoption places.

  2. poor kitty! Good for you, saving him!! I'll probably end up with one more eventually. My cats are just such bitches they don't tolerate others haha.

  3. Yeah...I think we have hit our max for awhile. Martha (6) and Melody (3) absolutly hate Margot and gang up on her all the time.

  4. Aww! So glad that you're compassionate enough to take care of the street kitties. I don't know what the hell is wrong with people that dump their animals like that! I took care of a cat off my porch and completely fell in love with her and my mom adopted her. She's spoiled as ever!

    Love your blog :D