Monday, February 22, 2010

Root beer & cheesecake lemon bars

I just mailed out a huge order of 40 wallets! My fingers are so sore and blistered. I spent the entire weekend making these. I was so worried I wouldn't finish them in time. The customer needed them by Wednesday, so I'm pretty awesome and they are arriving a day early. I finished around 10pm last night. This week I need to give my fingers a chance to heal. More sewing, no glue guns!

Today is the first day as a nanny again! Back in Michigan, I watched my cousin's five kids every Friday. It was great. I miss them. My friend, Sarah, started a new job this week and I'll be watching her daughter, Maura, all day and her son, Finley for a few hours, about three days a week. She's an adorable little 3-year old that looks exactly like my sister, Rachael, when she was a little girl. And Finley is the sweetest little boy I have ever met, not even exaggerating! I used to want four kids, now I'm thinking two. But I'd have 10 if they were all like Finley!

I can't wait for our new roommate to move in so we have a television in the downstairs. Then I'll be able to sew in the dining room while she draws and watches cartoons. I really need to start moving my fabric downstairs!

My poor cats are freaked out at the sight of small children. Stella jumped on the bed when all three of us were watching cartoons this morning and realized there were kids on my bed. She jumped down, and just stared at little Maura saying "Come here Stella!", wide eyed and scared as hell. Neither of them are used to small kids' way of hit/petting them, as they are super spoiled and softly stroked by Rachael and I all the time. Plus the size of kids probably puts them off a bit. Maura just wanders around the house "Clemmmmenntiiiiine", looking for Clem who is hiding under the couch wanting nothing to do with her. Haha. And all Maura wants to do is play.

I just finished baking cheesecake lemon bars, my first time making them. I love the plain lemon bars out of the box, the ones you only have to add water and 3 eggs. I thought I'd try to suggested alternative on the box and left them in the oven too long, burnt them a little. Plus I think I beat the cream cheese too much and it didn't stay separated from the lemon filling layer. I can't get anything done right today. Getting up at 6am is starting to wear on me. I definitely need to start going to bed earlier!

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