Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rrrrr... packing

So it's finally my last day in Michigan, tear. I've been bumming around my mom's house all day, eatting junk food (Ben & Jerry's Phish Food is soooooo goooood), watching TV, playing with the cat. I should really be gettting some stuff done, like, I dunno, packing maybe. 

My list of things to do for the day are as follows:
  • showel the driveway and sidewalks (done)
  • bake an apple pie
  • pack all my bags, neatly
  • go to Walmart and buy wet cat food (for my spoiled cat's in GA, where it's not sold)
  • go to the post office and mail a few cassette wallets
  • finish laundry
  • (I'm missing a few things, gahhh)

Snowy day in Muskegon, Mich.

I was finishing up a handbag yesterday when I broke the belt on my mom's sewing machine, oops. I felt terrible! I'm sure she'll be able to fix it, my mom is wonderwoman. My grandmother bought it for her in 1979 for an engagement present before she married my dad. She said the belt was old and wasn't surprised it snapped. I have three half done purses that I'll finish when I get home. I can't wait to list them! They are some of my best work yet! 

OH! And guess what my brilliant self did the other day, wiped my iPod touch of alllll it's music! I was trying to charge it on my old iBook (what I'm using now) that I gave my step dad when I bought my new iMac. I went to look at how much it had charged and iTunes took the liberty of syncing itself with my ipod.. and this computer has zero songs! So I traded 3000 songs for zero, awesome! And I have a 16 hours drive with my dad and his wife all the way home. It is going to be a long drive.

These three weeks in Michigan really flew by. I didn't get to see so many people I wanted to see. It's hard coming "home" to visit and having to manage one's time. I understand what my older sister always complains about not having enough time when she comes home. She and her husband are both from the same town and it's double the family to visit, and we all have big families. She lived in Japan for three years, was in the States for a year, and now she's in Hawaii for another three.. I really need to plan a visit and see her... oh how nice it would be to be in Hawaii right now. I just put on snow boots, a hat and a scarf to drive a mile down the road. 

I'll be driving all day tomorrow with Dad and Sue, probably staying in Nashville overnight, and pulling into my driveway in Georgia around noon Friday, the 12th. And it'll be my birthday. 25 years old! I still can't believe I'm going to be 25! 

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  1. Happy Early birthday! What a lovely coat! Sorry to hear it's your last day but on the bright side you will always be back no?

  2. very true, Michigan will always be there.

    & thank you! ♥