Thursday, March 11, 2010

Finger hooks

Just finished working for the day, at 9:30pm! What a long, long, long day today!

Woke up at 5:45 a.m. to shower and eat breakfast before Sarah dropped off Finley and Maura. Watching a Disney movie or two, cleaned the house, make lunch, finished my sister, Sarah's amazing birthday present (will post pics after she gets it, one of the greatest things I've ever made!).

I somehow managed to find time to make apple crisp at lunch-time! Unfortunately, I also messed up my foul-proof recipe, used too much butter and didn't cook it long enough. It was still pretty amazing though, I must say.

Spent most of the day playing catch-up and getting projects laid out for tomorrow. I can't wait for the new purses I'm making! After the kids left I kinda spaced out, and I have no idea where 5-7 went. I really need to start drinking coffee again.

I spent about 2 hours cracking open all the cassettes I had laying around, about 50-70, step 1 of the cassette wallets process. I had 2012 on in the background while I was working, worst movie ever! I knew it would be, I was wanting to see just how bad it was. Every storyline was completely predictable, too much action, horrible dialogue, cheesy, blah blah blah. Not even worth the effort for my tired fingers to type about.

I cleaned up my sewing room a little, I'm still trying to finish sorting my sewing stuff since I moved it all downstairs.

I ended the night by making myself a much needed makeup pouch. It was getting really irritating trying to fit my daily makeup into a small 5 x 5 pouch I made over a year ago, since I started using mineral makeup in huge containers! To make the pouch, I used an old placemat I purchased for 99 cents at Valueland in Muskegon, and a 12 inch zipper. I decided not to line the interior and just used the placemat and zipper. In 10 minutes, voila! Pouch was done! I'm very happy with the end result, and it's so durable! The fabric is all colors of pink and purple with traces of gold woven into it. So lovely.

AND! I got my finger hooks in the mail yesterday! My bathroom is finally complete.

With flash. It's too late to try and take amazing pictures. My back is killing me!

Goodnight all!

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  1. Love the finger hooks! So cute in your bathroom. ;]
    And I'm pretty sure you just inspired me to bake some apple crisp tonight!

  2. I used to work at a beauty supply store that sold those weird fingers! I had everything hanging on them for a while, but they always fell off the wall.

    How did you get yours to stay? I'd love to use them again!

  3. I have that problem with just one of them. I'm sure the double sided tape it came with it just crap or something. I'm going to get some 3M double sided tape and hopefully that will help.