Saturday, April 3, 2010

First Friday recap

It's Saturday already and 91 degrees here in beautiful Augusta, Georgia!

I'm about to go unload my car from First Friday last night. I set up my booth and sold my things, again, and only sold a few things, again. No purse sales but I guess I'm just too cool for Augusta or something. Next time I suppose. I got a lot of positive feedback from passers-by. Many compliments, which is always nice.

My friends came down for the last hour and it only took us all 10 minutes to tear down! The city mandates we be completely tore down by 10pm. Not a minute later. So of course we waited till 9:45. My friends are amazing. After we were done we all went out for a few beers at Stillwater. Then to Sky City for what I believe was 80s night.

I left my SLR in the car so I only took a few pictures on my cell phone to email my dad. My booth. It looks better with every show. I am becoming an expert at set-up and tear down.

I wore this fabulous dress Sarah picked out for my at Goodwill last week. It was straight out of the 90s, but you'd never know. It had two rows of four buttons along the front that I took off. I added a wide belt I had in my closet I never get to wear. Paired it with my aviators and black flats. It was the perfect dress! Since it was about 85 degrees yesterday, and it's only going to keep getting hotter here, I think I will be in a dress or shorts everyday for the rest of the spring and summer.

The only photo I took of myself. Can't really see the outfit, oh well. And it's a little blurry. I need to start using my remote and SLR! Just need a tripod and it will be perfect.

This time I had an extra set of lights since Sarah had to work and couldn't come set up her booth. I ran them along the inside of the tent, and it looked so pretty when the sun went down! I was so proud of myself. And putting up these lights with a dress on, not an easy task.

Check out my sweet new bike! I got it at the flea market in Augusta. Only $125! 

I haven't had a bike since November 2007, when my asshole landlord, Simon, stole it when I was moving out. He took it along with my hookah Stephanie bought for me in Turkey and my awesome Hoover bagless vacuum. 

This idiot landlord didn't pay the gas bill, of which I paid 50%, and my heat was shut off. For those of you who aren't from Michigan, November is a little cold. He didn't have the capital to pay the deposit and turn it back on, since Consumers wanted extra money for a deposit on top of his past due balance. He wanted me to put the entire building in my name. Yeah right. I'm not that stupid. Three floors, I occupy one, no thanks. In the end he also cut off my electricity as I was packing to be an even bigger asshole. So cops were called, the building was "red-tagged," and I lost my bike, among other things. To make everything so much worse, he sued me for rent for the last six weeks I was there that I had refused to pay when my apartment was about 50 degrees! My cats barely left my heated mattress pad, poor little girls. And I'd have to shower at a friends house everyday since there was NO hot water either. Uhhh.. enough ranting. 

Looking back on it now, I'll know better when looking for places to live. I also appreciate hot water so much more! Slumlord assholes that lie about everything, no thanks. Back then I was still operating on the assumption that because he had been my friend before my landlord, he wasn't lying to me, he was looking out for me. Riiiiight. He got what was coming to him though. All of his properties were foreclosed upon when the market turned south, so ha! In your face, Simon! That's what you get.

I'm so thankful for running water, heat, and the amenities that most of the world is not accustomed to. We, as Americans, don't realize how lucky we are. No matter how shitty things get, just stop, take a look around you, and remind yourself that your are probably living better than at least 75% of the people on this planet!

Yet people still find ridiculous things to be petty about, like the make, model, and year of our cars, that should only be judged on how well they serve as a mode of transportation. Sure, comfort in a vehicle is nice, but not necessary. I drive a 1998 Plymouth Breeze, and it is amazing! It runs, it was cheap, it is cheap to maintain. And, get this, it gets 35 MPG! It has manual windows and locks but that is no reason to complain. I never see myself buying a new car. When mine dies I'll just find something comparable. 

Wow, I managed to rant for a while now. I think I should go clean out my car. And go to the gym!

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