Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hate mail

I woke up this morning, took a shower, checked my email first thing, like I normally do. I was pleasantly surprised to have had two sales overnight. Then I see an Etsy conversation. I assume it's someone asking for a custom item, a recent customer, or something. To my surprise it is an angry note from someone whose Etsy username shall remain anonymous. This is what they said:

"i can't believe that an artist on this site would actually be so rude as to STEAL from another artist. funny how you used to link your to your "inspiration", but now that you're getting a little attention, the credit is all yours. karma's a bitch and i guarantee you'll get yours."

I can assume they are talking about the cassette wallets I make. Whenever someone asks if I came up with the idea I'm the first to admit, I did not. I had seen them for yearsss and always thought, hmm, how clever those little wallets are. They came out on this website a few years ago, and are sold on Design Boom.

Over a year and a half ago I saw some on Etsy from Etsy seller Kymbix. I bought one, Roxy Music in fact. It arrived within a few days. It was exactly as described but I was disappointed it's construction. Part of the zipper was exposed along the hinge of the wallet, and only one piece of felt was used and it was the outside and inside lining. I'm very hard on things I use so making them more efficient is the fist thing that comes to mind.

I thought to myself, how can I take this concept and make this wallet so much better? And that is exactly what I did. Since I'm very good with building things, math, and engineering, I'm handy when it comes to looking at something and making it better. 

I use my dremel tool to completely flatten the cassettes, a few different pieces of felt and added the inside dividers with elastic. All the little things I do contribute to them being sturdier than any other cassette wallets out there, guaranteed. I refuse to believe that I am stealing someone elses idea. Thats like saying making a purse with handles is someone elses idea.

When I started making them, it was just as a little addition to my table at art shows. Something to get people to stop and reminisce about the way we used to listen to music. And that is exactly what they do at shows. They get people to stop.

It is unfortunate that they are the main seller on my Etsy page, but I must says I am very happy to be selling them! I feel that I am a much better seamstress and designer, and these wallets are a great way to get a break from my machine. They are so much fun to make and I will continue making them.

It is funny to me that someone who isn't even a seller on Etsy wrote me this. I do not believe in karma, and I don't believe I will "get mine". I believe that hard work and dedication to ones passions will lead to success and happiness. 

Cassette wallets can also be found on these Etsy pages: NatureHike (and kudos to this seller who found a way to use 8 tracks to make a wallet, I tried and gave up), OmgknitsGrooveBagMoemoe711, and IKCdesign (I send her the paper from the cassettes I buy and she uses them to make wallets out of the paper!). 

Enough said. My stomach is growling and I need to start my 10 hours work day. I'm going to work on another tutorial today, finish a few wallets, and then work later on at Red Robin.

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  1. Clearly this person isn't very educated anyway. I wouldn't worry about it. And I don't believe in Karma either, it's just a word that gets tossed around when people don't have an outlet for their frustration. You're great at what you do and you deserve the credit you earn. Keep it up. ;]


  2. I am also a big believer in hard work and a better product. Jealous people will always be bitter when someone else is doing well. Keep up the good fight.

  3. Oh gosh, I hate people like that! You make amazing items - and you deserve all of the credit you get for the hard work that goes into your Etsy shop!

  4. From what I see you are doing a fantastic job! You were the first that "I" saw do this cassette wallet. However, people are fine tuning others products all day long, even making money for their efforts. Keep doing what you're doing.