Thursday, May 13, 2010

Addicted to shopping on Etsy:::


Today, I bought the cutest canisters on Etsy! "Flour" and "Sugar" from Death Machine.

I have these in my kitchen now. "Coffee" and "tea" that I found for maybe $1 or $2 each at thrift stores in Michigan. Vintage dishes are so expensive online! And thrift stores down here don't have any where near the quality housewares that the ones up north have. I miss Valueland! The font doesn't match perfectly, but they're close enough. AND I just found out today, I get to move in next weekend! I'm going to seriously start packing tonight. Which means little or no sewing for the next few weeks. : ( 

This is my old canister set. They're so dirty from being in the garage since November. These have been with me for years. I bought them at Volunteers of America for about $5. When I packed up my last apartment at Glen Oaks, I remember dropping two of the lids behind the fridge, and I thought to myself, "oh shit, well I'll get that when I'm done packing up the kitchen." Of course I never did. They're not much use without the lids, plus they're about ready to retire. I'm ready for a change!

I was just looking through old photos to try and find when I first bought these canisters. I was almost positive I bought them when Kevin and I lived on Cawood in Lansing, Michigan. I remembered pictures of Clementine on the kitchen counter and thought it'd help. The picture I found, I still had green circular ones, that I gave to my friend Kirsten when I got the wood ones. So it was around this time that I bought them. I did find the cutest picture of Clementine when she was little. It was right after we got Stella, so Clem was about 6 months, Stella was 5 weeks. She was so skinny! LOOK! 

Clem was super skinny, and Stella was the cutest little kitten! Her ears were so big for her. She finally grew into them. Our neighbor's cat (Black Cat, we call her) had four little kittens and holding one of them today reminded me of how beautiful Stella was when she was a baby. Oh, and that couch was, and still is, my favorite love seat! Check out that print!

So, tomorrow I'm fitting Rachael into this red dress (pictured above) that will be my next tutorial. She is really excited. Today she said, "So,... can I please keep the dress you're sewing?" in the sweetest "I want something" voice. She needs more summer dresses anyways. I gave her the condition that she has to model it for my tutorial before and after pictures. : )

Time for pizza and Lost. I missed it on Tuesday. 

Wish me luck with packing!

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