Sunday, May 9, 2010

Art In The Alley

Sarah and had yet another show, yesterday in Thomson Georgia: Art In The Alley. I started to post all these yesterday but I was too exhausted from Friday and Saturday. I needed a night away from my computer. 

It was a great show! I met Marion of McDuffie Arts Council at Art In The Park in April. He invited me to be a part of their 2nd annual show. Sarah and I had out booths set up next to each other and enjoyed music, and dancing all day at the stage in front of us.

Live music.

Here's my tan booth and Sarah's to the right.

It was literally in an alley behind their main street. It was the cutest little town! Thomson reminded me a lot of Ithaca, Michigan, the town where my mother grew up. 

It was super hot outside. Maybe in the 90s. So foot traffic suffered a little, but regardless, it was great.

"Grunge Goddess Pottery" was set up next to Sarah. Little kids paid $5 to "throw a pot" to take home and bake in their oven.

It was so awesome watching the kids get excited about pottery! I kinda wanted to do it.. but I'm a little old ha.

She had these amazing little piggy banks, second shelf from the top, far right. I really should have bought one. Her stuff was amazing.

Sarah in her booth. The wind took over later in the day, broke her tent, put mine on it's side. So unfortunately she had to pack up early and then about an hour later I also packed up. I didn't realize that in all the commotion with the tents getting knocked over, my coffee spilt into my bag with my D40 and my iPod. Luckily the body of my camera is fine, but I think the lens is ruined. I couldn't take anymore photos, the camera says "no lens attached" when it is still on the camera, so that can't be good. I need to find a camera shop in the area!

The last picture I took before disaster struck. This guy, forget his name, sang beautifully. Thomson is home to Blind Willie McTell, an influential blue singer from the 1940s and 50s. The music in the south is amazing and I can't wait to learn more about it.

I wish my camera was still working after we tore town. We went down to the main street and into The Big Dipper, the local ice cream parlor. There was an alpaca, like a llama, in it's little pen. The owners have 9 of them and they shave them and use their hair to spin yarn, it's soft like wool but hypo-allergenic. It was nice being able to see some of the other vendors merchandise before they tore down as well.

(taken from

My favorite booth these was the one set up by the Shakerock family. They make soap from goat's milk! With nine children, the family all contributes and makes all natural goat's milk soap, lotion, body soap, pet soap, amazing "Miracle Salve", and other products. I bought the Miracle Salve, it smells amazing! And I also bought the facial soap, I've used it three times and my face feels fantastic! Check out their website. It's full of pictures of their beautiful children and details on their products. They'll be them selling online soon. 

When we walked away from their booth, I said to Sarah, "OMG, I want nine children and a farm!" I think she thought I was crazy. Someday, when I do the whole settle down-get married-have kids thing, I'd love to live in the country, have a few chickens, maybe goats, a lot of land, and a big country home! I'm not sure if I could handle it but it sounds nice in my head, waking up and getting fresh eggs, having a ton of space to do whatever, have a huge garden. But I'm only 25 and I need to stop fantasizing about married life with children. I'm really far from that!

At the end of the day, my iPod was working again, but still no go on the camera. Hopefully I won't have to spend a few hundred dollars on a new lens! *fingers crossed* Maybe I can get someone to clean it and get it back to working condition. It's only 18-55mm and I've been wanting a new lens, but with what I shoot, I don't really need a bigger lens. I pretty much only use it for product photography and shows. We'll see!

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  1. I linked to your blog today! Your re-purposing of awesome thrifted finds inspired me to try and learn how to sew and go green(er) in 2010!