Thursday, May 6, 2010

Attacked by ants!

Yesterday I was in a terrible mood (maybe it was the two glasses of Merlot the night before, hmm). Sarah dropped Maura off around 10am. We watched Aristocats, I worked on some cassette wallets, played online, and my mood still wasn't improving.

I packed a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and we headed for the park around noon. She was my assistant for the day. Helped me set up my tripod, ate her sandwich while I took a few pictures. She came over to hand me something and shrieked "Ohmigosh, Miss Sally, there are ants all over you!"

The first picture I took. Uncropped. Notice the cloth shoes and clearly,... an ant hill.

I looked down and at the base of the tree in front of which I was standing was a huge ant hill! Of course I wore jeans so it was really fun getting ants out of my pants. Sigh. It was terrible. Reminded me of the funny game "Ants in the pants" was when I was a little kid, though. I loved that game.

It's great going out and taking pictures with my tripod and remote. I guess and check. Take a few pictures, then readjust the height and angles. This first angle wasn't working too well. And the sunlight ended up being so bright and reflecting light off the purse only a few turned out. But I got just enough to be able to list the purse online (find it here).

After Maura and I laughed about ants in my pants we took some silly pictures of her. I don't know what some of her moves were. She must get them from her silly mother. Haha.


After she was done being a weirdo (yes, I call her a weirdo and then she always replies, "No yerra weirdo!") she sat and posed "like a lady" and I had her cross her legs, hands on her knee, relaxed her shoulders, etc. It took a few shots to get a genuine smile, but they turned out great. She is just so adorable!


On days when she behaves herself, I can't wait to have kids and I get so excited about the day I'll be a mother. But days when she's not I swear off children completely. It's quite comical. It's a good practice in patience, for sure. Really though, she's a great little girl. Looks just like her mother too.

She played on the playground for an hour or so while I read my book. She was trying to make friends with the other kids, she's so friendly. I love watching how horrible other children behave. Some parents are unbelieveable! I don't understand how they can coddle their children so much. If they fall down, they'll be fine. I hate it when they run to a crying child's side everytime they cry. Tougher 'em up. Let them fall down and learn. Otherwise you have all these whiny kids crying because they can't figure out simple things this 4 year old has mastered already. She's tough.

Maybe I'm just hard on kids like my dad was hard on me. But I turned out just fine. 

At the end of the day, I was in a better mood. My dad came back from North Carolina. He and his wife went and saw the Biltmore Estate for a day before coming back here for one last night in town. I was very sad to see him leave this morning. Hopefully I'll be able to go home this summer. 

More sewing and work before the day is over! Finishing up a handful of cassette wallets.

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