Saturday, May 8, 2010

Last First Friday

Just woke up; I slept terribly. Out of the shower, being bothered by hungry cats as usual. Getting ready for another show. Sarah's van is still loaded with everything from First Friday last night, and we're headed to Thomson today for Art In The Alley put on by McDuffie Arts Council. 
Last night we did First Friday. It was definitely my last time participating. I've set up down there every month, I think with the exception of January and February, since I lived here. The booth fee is $25, and it lasts from 5-10 P.M. Well I only sold 2 cassette wallets, which are priced $15 for shows. So I made $5. Luckily Sarah and I just split a booth this time to cut down on the work load, but still. $5?! 
My side.
Sarah's side.
I set up my entire inventory and watch people check out my handbags, criticizing the price right in front of me, too rude to care I can hear them. Or saying, awe that's cute, and then they continue walking. Sorry but my labor is expensive since I'm not a sweatshop and they are not mass produced. I brought the few pieces of clothing I've made to sell and set them up as well. Watching people who were clearly not going to buy anything touch the lighter colored dresses with hands that were probably not clean, OMG, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Of course I was polite and didn't say anything.
I guess I'm happy to have made back my $25, it's just very discouraging when you put in all that work and there is no  return. I will probably start doing Saturday markets instead of First Friday. Sooooo, enough complaining. I clearly need coffee and some Special K. Enjoy a few more pictures from yesterday!
I don't understand what this man's deal is. He wanders all over Augusta like this everyday. I first saw him around Easter, and I thought it was an Easter specific statement. Apparently not.
Notice the clothing at the end of the purse rack! I can't wait to have an entire rack full of clothes I've made!
Sarah and I. The little dress I'm wearing I bought at Volunteers of America in Lansing, Michigan years ago! The facing was coming out and all the seams were ripped. My sewing machine was broken at the time (I was going crazy) so I used stitch witch and fixed the whole thing. I never get a chance to wear it, but yesterday was so hot, it was perfect!
Sam set up next to us selling her handmade hemp jewelry and paintings. She also sets up at First Friday every month.
My wallets. I made a ton of new ones this week I'm listing tomorrow.
Enjoying a Miller Lite some retired Marines brought me! There was a beer tent set up nearby! I saw them drinking some beer and listening to the gospel band on 10th, and I was like "Whereeee did you get thoseeee??" Might be a little unprofessional but it was around 8 P.M. and it's downtown. Everyone was out and about drinking. Plus I'm plenty old enough.
The Marines set up to take donations for the local veteran's hospital. We always chat about the Marine Corps since my brother-in-law is a Gunnery Sergeant (Gunny) and they people that love the Marines. I'm proud to be a part of a military-loving family. My sister, Rachael, is in the Navy, my older sister, Sarah is married to a marine, Dan, my dad was in the Army during Vietnam, and both of my grandfathers were in the Army. I donated a few dollars to their cause but refrained from taking the tootsie rolls! I don't know how I managed. They're my favorite!
Time to get ready to head to Thomson. Hopefully this show is better than yesterday's!

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  1. A dream COMES through much planning,and painstaking effort...

    Wait a little while and it WILL come to pass.

    Keep doing what you're doing!!