Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eco-friendly underwear and intimate apparel

I'm featured in a treasury, Welcome Summer Party.

I love waking up, kinda grumpy, checking my email, to see a new conversation, and a note that someone included me in a treasury! Last week I was in one, and then I was on the front page. Hopefully this treasury will do well and I'll be on there again, we'll see. I'm so excited my little sunglasses case is next to a Clare Bare swimsuit! I remember seeing her video tutorial on Threadbanger where she shows viewers how to make underwear from a mens flannel! She makes some amazing pieces. Go to her website for her blog and updates on new items.

Here are a few of my favorite items she has for sale:

There are so many great shops on Etsy selling eco-friendly underwear and bathing suits. Here are a few shops to check out:

I LOVE this shop! So many beautiful pieces that look like they are so comfortable. So flattering for the female figure. Vintage inspired designs. This is my favorite set. I also want this.

"100% recycled always".. everything in this shop is made from repurposed and recycled garments. No sweatshop labor! I love this shops ethical stance. Exactly what I do with handbags and repurposed clothing. I have made my own bathing suits but I'm not to the point of comfortably making them for others. Fabrics with stretch drive me nuts sometimes.

repurposed, deconstructed romantic apparel, lingerie and hair clips. 
I have to many old slips I use to sleep in. I really want to take a ton of them and turn them into something more useful. This shop has really pretty things!

As some of you know, I am not buying a single "new" item in 2010. Nothing mass produced, nothing factory made. Only handmade, repurposed, eco-friendly, or thrifted. IT'S SO EASY! It just takes a little more work but worth it! I find the most interesting, amazing pieces because I don't just pick something up without a second thought. I really think about what I'm buying, if I actually need it. And I pay attention to where my money goes. Whether it is to an artist that actually made the item, or a local thrift store that has a shelter and food bank.

Happy shopping! Buy handmade, and realize the impact just one person can have buying things from A PERSON, not something made in a sweatshop!

(All pictures taken from their respective websites.)

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  1. Sally Ann, you and your works are jumping off the screen. Absolutely!

  2. You inspire me to buy more handmade items :) Thanks Sal! I will have to try and use my sewing machine more too :)

  3. I will have to check these out. Btw I love the concept of your blog. I have been doing pretty much the same thing since the beginning of 2009..although I do shop at am appy occasionally and would any company who doesn't use sweat shop labor.

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  5. I am loving the lingerie leprachaun set! Also you should show some vintage jewelry or lingerie jewelry that can make all the difference in the world. Most women never even think about jewelry when you go out and buy lingerie but the right bracelet, necklace, pendant (and usually loud and gawdy) is what works best.