Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Denim mini dress from grandma's creation.

I barely have time for a really quick update. Today was strange. I haven't really been sleeping lately. Stress, nerves, anxious all the time. I don't know what my deal is. Just overall blah. After work today, I stopped at Salvation Army to get out of the 102 degree weather (in dress pants and a button up doesn't help when it's that hot) and perhaps find a few gems in the rough.

And then I spotted this dress. It is handmade, and probably by someone local since it was at Salvo. It was mid-calf length and about 10 sizes too big. I took it in almost 6 inches at the zipper (I was too lazy to take in the sides and change the arm holes and straps). Cut off 11-12 inches and angled the straps a bit so they were at exactly 90 degrees like a bib. It was a little shorter in the back than the front but oh well, it's just me wearing it. You can't beat $5.49! 

On my porch. Thanks Sarah for taking the pictures. She showed up at my house with spaghetti tonight to brighten my day. She knows I've been a little moody lately. What a friend. AND I used her camera since mine still isn't functioning properly.

I think I've been bummed out a bit because I haven't had time to actually make things. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my job at David's Bridal. And I love sewing all day. But when I get home from a long day there, I don't feel that inherent need to sew at home. I usually relax, check emails, and then have to clean my apartment and then it's dinner and time for bed. It takes a bit out of me when I'm only altering things other people created and not creating something from nothing. 

I sit at my desk and really enjoy sewing, I love the people I work with, and I love dealing with the positive people in the store. But I also sit there and my mind wanders to all the projects I'm planning, and I get so motivated and excited. Then I get home with no energy to do them. I need to work on finding more "Sally Ann" time. Not just "Sally at work" time.

I don't function at a normal level unless I'm making things. Some people have to work out. Some people have to go to a boring job everyday. Some people have to have cigarettes or coffee. I need to sew at home. I'm proud to say that is my only vice. And I finally got my fix today.

I need to stop procrastinating and finish organizing my sewing room. I can't wait for another free day. My apartment is finished except for that terrible mess of a room. I can work in it, but not at an optimal level. I feel like I'm just ranting. My brain is mush. Cutting this blog post short.

Time to go back to my machine and make custom felt board pouches. The night is young!

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  1. I've been suffering from a bought of insomnia myself. Up to hear the birds start chirping and the sun start to turn the sky from navy to cerulean. It doesn't bode well for my productivity or excitement over projects, either.

    Maybe it's the oncoming summer solstice... perhaps things will turn around next week!