Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fabric Swap Recap

As promised, it's Sunday, and time to announce the winner of my giveaway. According to, the winner of my 50th blog post giveaway is 6umble6ee! Congratulations! She won this handbag:

This morning's fabric swap was a blast! Here is Allison, Rachael and a table full of awesome fabric! I hadn't met Allison before today, and I'm so glad she came. She recently moved to Georgia from Maryland with her husband. She lives on 20 acres in South Carolina and has a ton of animals, goats, chickens, a donkey, a newborn donkey, and more! She spins her own yarn using fiber from her animals! I'm so excited to get to know her better. It's great meeting local women that share the same interests. 

Rachael looking at fabric. Hopefully she'll have found some inspiration to dust off her brand new sewing machine and make something with her new fabric!

Can you spot my business cards I put up here last week?

Libery and I finding goodies amongst Allisons things. I have some great fabric to add to my massive collection. I actually had to buy another shelf for my fabric today. Almost done unpacking though! Can you tell I was up until 3am working last night and then rode my bike in 90 degree weather downtown? Hopefully not. : )

I'm so excited with the fabric I took with me from New Moon today. Some shirt straps, fleeces, floral polyester, stretch velour, even some beads to attempt some jewelry making. I can only imagine how awesome it will be with more people!

Liberty with this crazy fabric. Can't wait to hear what she does with it!

We set a date for the next swap -- July 10th. Allison was sure to write it in her planner. Thanks to Rachael for taking some pictures. But she needs to work on not taking them while we're talking, we looked so silly with our mouths open in half of them haha. 

Time to package up recent Etsy sales and organizing my apartment! Goodnight all.

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  1. I will work on trying to take pictures when people aren't talking next time Silly Sally. Maybe you shouldn't talk so much hahaha. I will sew more once I get this house organized and maybe I can come over and sew in your new craft room sometime too! As long as you leave the AC on!!!