Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Felt Board Characters

Since my Miss Priss pouch was featured in the Etsy Reclaimed To Fame blog, I've had lots on inquiries on what other felt board characters I have for custom pouches. These felt boards are from the 50s, and were used for story telling in Sunday schools and classrooms. I found a bag of them at a thrift store in Muskegon and I love them! I sew them on like applique and they make such interesting little pouches or bags.

Here are pictures of what I have available for custom orders:

Cow and barn, couch, dining room table, kitchen table, hearth, and stagecoach with horses.

Animals. Fox, cat, dog, turkey, rooster, bird, duck.

The family. Grandfather, grandmother, sister, and brother. I used "man" and "wife" in a pouch still in my shop. The woman's title was "wife", not "woman". Don't you just love the 50s.

Storybook characters. Left to right. Farmer, creepy prince, angry woman, gunman, princess, servant, cinderella, brunette princess, fairy godmother.

Man and Wife Recycled Pouch for sale in my shop.

I'll be doing claiming of these characters for custom pouches won a first come basis. Email me ( or comment below. Include desired size and color scheme for the fabric that will be used. I'll use all sorts of recycled fabric for the pouch. And the zipper will also be recycled!

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