Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pink Dipper!

After our 90+ degree photoshoot the other day, Rachael and I went home and changed, then treated ourselves to Pink Dipper, the cutest ice cream parlour, located in North Augusta, South Carolina. I currently live in Olde Town, in downtown Augusta, Georgia. Since I'm from Michigan, and only recently moved here, the heat is quite an adjustment. I find myself going to ice cream more than my waistband would like, but I just can't resist. 
Pink dipper has the best butter pecan ice cream and they make their own waffle cones! I've only had butter pecan ice cream here, but regardless, it's the best. And their banana split, ohmigoodness don't get me started. I'd go there everyday if it didn't goes straight to my thighs. Oh being 25 and suddenly your metabolism changes. 

Check out the cute necklace Rachael is wearing that I can't quit pry away from her. It's a man and woman dancing. I keep trying to steal it, but she won't have any of that. I have the matching clip-on earrings I need to make into something.
Rachael and I being silly taking pictures. Doesn't that waffle cone look so yummy?!
After we finished our ice cream we did some "outfit" shots. I am very proud of myself for sticking with my 2010 oath of not buying anything new. And I'd like to start sharing some of my outfits that I put together from thrifted and repurposed clothes.

I'd have to say the thing I miss the most about buying new clothes is buying white clothes, tank tops especially. I live in tank tops with the built-in bras. I used to have a million and I'm the biggest clutz on the planet. I touch something and it spills. So as the ones I already own have to be retired from overwearing and discolorations, I struggle with finding new ones. 

Luckily, there is a Plato's Closet in town, and I found this tank top for $5. It was an extra large but so pretty and white, I had to buy it. I took up the straps at the shoulders about 3" on each side; it's still nice and roomy. I paired it with an "Old Cottage Inn" skort I purchased at Goodwill for $3.50. I never thought I'd ever purchase another skort after the 6th grade my friend Sarah found it. Definitely way too perfect to pass up. It seems like a little mini skirt but surprise!, I can still move around and not have to worry about exposing anything inappropriate.
The headband I'm wearing, my Sarah made from an old clip-on earring and a navy blue band! My favorite! I bought it from her the day we met when we were both vendors at First Friday. We were instant friends. She's amazing! Sarah's giving me some goodies for my next giveaway, she makes beautiful repurposed jewelry. And she's expanding her inventory on her Etsy shop, Cribbledy Goodness.
I've had this belt for a million years. I bought it at Valueland in Muskegon, I think.
My Pretty In Pink clutch. I made it from a pair of women's shorts, that in hindsight I wish I hadn't cut up. They were amazing, high-waisted, pleated, pockets, oh... so cute. I bought them because I loved the fabric about two years ago. Made the purse a year ago, and it was in my Etsy shop the entire time. Never sold. At the last First Friday where I was a vendor, I wasn't selling a thing, sitting there, growing more and more frustrated. I looked at that clutch and said, "Okay, I've had it, this is my summer purse." I ripped off the price tag and transfered everything into it. 

I never treat myself to new handbags. I only wear what I make and I feel bad wearing my new stuff so inevitably I had an old clutch that gets thrown around so much. It was time for a new one. And this clutch is perfect.
Oh! I almost forgot about my jail shoes! Underwear and shoes are excluded in my 2010 rule, but I still try my best to not buy anything unless I really really need it. I have plenty of shoes and more underwear than I can fit in my dresser, but when I saw these shoes I had to buy them! Rachael and I were at Big Lots a few weeks ago when I was buying curtain rods for my new apartment when I found them. They are just like the shoes you get in jail (not that I've gotten shoes like this in jail)! They are completely plastic, poured into some kind of mold. Think crocs, but for super poor people. They were only $5! And I can't get them dirty! They're amazing.

Tank top: $5 Plato's Closet.
Belt: thrifted, vintage
Skort: Goodwill, $3.50
Shoes: $5 Big Lots
Headband: $10, Cribbledy Goodness
Purse: my design,
Jewelry: vintage

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  1. Mm icecream! I'm jealous.
    You're super pretty and I love your headband.
    I'm hosting a designer apparel giveaway at my blog :) Check it out!