Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sears Kenmore = heaven

Meet my new best friend:
Yesterday, I struck gold at Catholic Social Services, a thrift store here in Augusta, Georgia. I think I am officially addicted to thrifting. I stop in all the stores about once a week. And since I've been moving into a new place, I need all kinds of things to decorate and fill my apartment (excuses for being a hoarder ha). I've been really hunting for a little breakfast table for two, and that was what I was looking for.

At CSS, I walked into the furniture area and saw this sewing machine. It is the exact same model my mother has, what I used to learn how to sew when I was a kid. It was an engagement present from my paternal grandmother to my mom in 1979! I broke the belt back in January when I was home sewing, normal wear and tear of course, but it is seriously the best sewing machine ever! Right up there with the industrial sewing machines I use at work. AND GET THIS: IT WAS ONLY $30!

I called my mom as soon as I saw it and we were both freaking out, especially when a sales person told me the price. I was expecting $100 or so, and then still getting it. The wood cabinet is so beautiful and in great condition. I tightened up the legs and cleaned it all. It is perfect! I just need to get it oiled and buy a presser foot. I can't wait to start sewing on it. My Janome, which cost me about $600, will inevitably become my backup sewing machine.  It's already at home in my craft room. 

This is a perfect example of the amazing things one can find with careful attention at a thrift store. I always find the most amazing things. I've almost completed my apartment odd and ends shopping for less than $100. What would have cost me so much more at Walmart or Target is full of so much more character and history, things you simply can't find anywhere else. I'll post pictures of all my other finds once I get a little more settled in. I'm moving the rest of my big things today with the help of my sister and my friend Sarah. Yay! 

Time to get some fabric together for our Craft Group's fabric swap downtown. I'm bringing some stretchy tissue tee cotton I've had for over a year and rarely use. Plus some beautiful vintage floral fabric. I don't have much fabric still on the bolt on which it was purchased, and people at swaps don't want old clothes haha. And I get to ride my bike since my apartment is in Olde Town, about a mile from downtown! So exciting. I love today.

AND later today, I'm lucky enough to get the Rachael touch in my craft room. My sister, the master of organizing, which I am not, is helping me unpack the entire room! Before and after pictures will be coming soon.

Here's a little picture to leave you all with. My little Clementine, who loves to lay on everything she shouldn't. This is my next tutorial after I finish the one for my sister's dress.

I'll be updating this dress and making it wearable. This dress was in my bedroom when I arrived in Georgia. My sister bought it for me to cut up. Although the sleeves are expertly made and so much fun, they are quite out of date and the neckline on this needs to come down. Also taking the length up about 10 inches.

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  1. I love it! All! It is encouraging to see someone else my age loving to sew and re-cycle old clothing. Also - I love going to Catholic Social Svc to buy fabric. Cool room!

  2. What a great find! I,too, have sound some really great thing at CSS. BTW, so they still have any of those dress forms? I would imagine they probably don't.

  3. @Shoppe. thanks! You should join the Facebook crafting group in the link above. We're setting up some great events soon. I'm going back to CSS to get some large blankets to turn into curtains since my windows are so large. : )

    @Alethia -- there ARE still some dress forms. There's only one out on the floor but when I was plugging in the sewing machine in back to test it, I saw about 5-6 more.. Just go in and ask them. It's such a good deal, I think they're $35.

  4. i have this exact one and i just got it today but i don't know how to put the string so i can start sewing. Can you please help me

    1. Caroline, check the update above, there is a short (and sorry, ha kinda crooked) video of me threading it. The most important part is to get it through the tension of the machine.

      Good luck!

  5. I'm looking at one of these for my Mom. How trouble free is it? I'm more than 200 miles away, so won't be able to run down if she has problems. I'm used to the little black Singers, so the cams might have me stumped.


    1. This machine is WONDERFUL! I still sew in it about 20 hours a week. I've only had it serviced the one time after I bought it. My mother has had the same machine for 35 years and has never had it serviced. Just oiled to maintain it and it'll run forever!

  6. This is so neat! I have this exact sewing machine, bought new in 1977. It was in storage for at least a couple of decades but when I dusted it off two years ago, it worked wonderfully... and still does. And yes, all it needed was some oil; I've never had it serviced.

  7. I'm excited to use my new find at a garage sale . It's awesome the only thing would know where to find d parts it's missing the bobbin casing ??? Any ideas please