Friday, July 23, 2010

Georgia on my mind

After a quick two weeks in Michigan, Rachael and I finally arrived back in Augusta, Georgia at 3:30 this morning. It was a 14 hours, 990 miles drive. Straight through. We were planning on leaving at 5 AM yesterday, but with the news that I didn't have to work at the bar until 8 PM tonight, rather than 3:30 PM, we took our time leaving. 

Thinking about taking this little shit with me back to Georgia. Ha, never. My mom's cat Squirt is terrible! I had him for a few weeks when he was a kitten; bought him at Preuss' Pets in Lansing, Michigan when I was living there. When I realized having three cats was crazy, I gave him to my sister for Christmas (cause I'm an awesome sister). When Rachael deployed I brought him back to Michigan and he ended up living at my mom's. She loves him so much she couldn't give him back. 

Rachael bought me this cute little romper at TJMaxx for $10 or something. While I can't buy new clothes for myself, I suppose I can't refuse a gift. It was the perfect road trip outfit since it's basically a tube top and shorts.

It's roughly 1000 miles no matter which of the 3 or so routes you can take. We split it up into 250 miles shifts, me driving first. I drove all through Michigan and a little past Toledo before Rachael took over. I-96 was a mess with traffic cones and construction, shifted lanes, and backups. There are two seasons in Michigan, winter and construction.

Creeping up and taking pictures of this awesome Jeep! I want this car!

Rachael's turn to drive! Around Dayton, Ohio... Rachael's road rage was kicking in.

Enjoying the nice weather while we were stopped.

My awesome new sunglasses. $5. They're a cross between wayfarers (the style Ray-Ban made popular in the 1950s) and the blinders old people wear over their prescription glasses. I love them.

On the phone with dad. "No, Dad, we're not in a traffic jam." He told us to drive around the cities on the 275s, and 375s, but we went straight through Dayton. Stopped for about 30 minutes. He would've been angry we didn't listen to him.

Out of the traffic, onward bound. Yay!

So exciting!

I'm torn between missing Michigan and being glad I'm home in Georgia. I was sick for about a week before I left, and sick the entire time I was home. The stress of the drive and not getting enough rest sent killed my immune system and a terrible cold turned into two ear infections and an upper respiratory infection. And of course, when I'm halfway through my antibiotics, I leave them in Michigan, my sister Sarah calling me to tell me they're still on the kitchen table when we're in Kentucky. Typical me.

But right around South Carolina, at 2 AM, my congestion lets up a little and I start feeling not so sick. The weather change definitely had another huge impact on my not getting better. I guess this whole lesson is that I belong in the south. Michigan wasn't agreeing with my body. I do however, like the 8 or so pounds I've kept off since I got sick. Not like I needed to lose anything, but stepping on the scale every morning is a great way to start my day. 

Now adjusting to being back home. My cats missed me, Clementine especially. I was lucky enough to have my friend Sarah stay at my apartment the entire time I was gone, keeping them company. She'd send me cute pictures of them and I even talked to Clem on the phone the other day (I'm not crazy, she talks back). 

It feels great to be home. Off to New Moon for coffee!

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