Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trip to Valueland!

It's been kind of a secret, but I am currently home in Michigan with family. My stepfather is very sick and I came home on short notice to see him and other family. I'll spend about a total of two weeks here; I've been home for about a week. Tom has hepatic encephalopathy, a liver disease, and has been dealing with it for years. Being home to say goodbye is one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with, he's basically my father. But being home for my mother and coming together as a family is very important. I haven't really told anyone that isn't close to me what is going on, they all think I'm on some sweet vacation lying in the sun.

Since being home we've all spent most of our time at Harbor Hospice, an amazing facility in Fruitport by the mall. My sister, Sarah, flew home from Hawaii and Rachael took emergency leave. My brother is still living in Muskegon and the rest of my family lives here. We haven't all been together in years so it's nice to spend time with one another. I've really missed them all.

Today is my sister, Rachael's 24th birthday. For the first time since we've been home, we spent a good part of the day enjoying Muskegon. We went to Cherokee for breakfast, then went to see Tom at the hospital, and then to the best place in Muskegon: Valueland

I feel a little guilty enjoying myself while I'm home because it is such a difficult time, but without a little happiness we're all going to go insane. We went to Goodwill the other day, but it's doesn't even compare to Valueland. I even bought my wedding dress here when I was 18 (I've never been married or engaged but I thought it was a good investment at $10 on half off day and it's amazing).

Since moving to Georgia, I've really missed Valueland. Thrift stores in Augusta just aren't the same. And people in the south don't have yard sales like they do up here, so I have no idea what people do with their crap. I found some great things today. Here is a photo recap:

My sisters Sarah and Rachael.

Vintage Avon perfume bottles.

Winnebago perfume bottle

There are always a million things half off. It's amazing.

Rachael sneaking a picture of me trying on some heels that were a tad too big.

Cute little slip with a little bow. $3,

We all found 49 cent sunglasses! Sarah's were green.

Mine were perfect for me. Just my taste. 49 cents.

Rachael loved hers. 49 cents.

Vintage greeting cards

The rainbow of blazers

I felt like I was back in the south with these crazy hats

Sarah finding old China

Thrifting is hard work. I was exhausted halfway through.

My full cart

A blazer for work, $2.50

Dress to repurpose. Shorten, change neckline, remove sleeves. $2.50.

A beautiful dress Rachael found. She looks so much like my Grandmother here

I'm going to make into a beautiful wedding dress. Vintage. $15.

The back is so pretty!

A dress for me that needs very little altering to be perfect. $5.

Sarah and I

Dress that looks like a striped sack. Just needs a little work. $2.50.

The watch on the right I bought in Georgia at Catholic Social Services for $2.99, battery $5. The gold Precious Moments one I found today. $1.99. Never worn. Batteries never even activated. So amazing.

Overall a great shopping trip. $50 spent.

Rachael took some great pictures. It was quite the challenge since I used a lens from a 35mm camera, so attaching it to my DSLR means no auto-focus. She had a difficult time with some shots, but they turned out fantastic. Thanks to Valueland for allowing us to take pictures. They were flattered I loved Valueland so much I was blogging about it. 

The remainder of my time in Michigan will most likely be spent with family. I'm fortunate enough to have two jobs back in Georgia that are very understanding and gave me time off so that I can come home to handle all of this and still have a job to return to. 

My apologies for not updating as normal. So many things to deal with these days. Will be back up soon, as normal, with great tutorials and summer clothes!

Hope all is well with everyone. See you all when I'm back in Georgia!

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  1. Sally,
    I hope you can enjoy the rest of your trip home (all things considered). It looks like you have a great support system and that's great that your jobs are so understanding. Can't wait to see you get back in the swing of things once you get back to Georgia. I love reading your blog!

  2. I had a blast reading it. A blog after my own heart! Lisbeth aka Sweet Ludie's

  3. Ditto Katrina...Sally, I love your blog, and am sorry to hear about the tough time your step-dad is having. I hope you are able to find peace in your time back home.

  4. I agree that Valueland and -especially- yard and garage sales are just different in Michigan. No one knows how to sell useful and awesome old stuff like home.

    I hope the rest of your trip brings you peace.


  5. Thank you everyone. I really appreciate your supprt ♥ ♥
    Sewing has always been my therapy. Getting back to work will help.

  6. Ahhh, I haven't been to Valueland in forever! It's always the Goodwill in Grand haven, but I should really make a trip over there soon! Looks like some great finds!! xo