Saturday, August 28, 2010

How to make a throw pillow. Marushka style.

Just a quick simple tutorial for you all this weekend. My mom sent me this destroyed pillowcase she found at a thrift store in Michigan. It was made from an unframed Marushka. Someone took two pieces of fabric, sewed them together on three sides, put a pillow inside, and top stitched the fourth side. They used the wrong color thread, and at some point the pillow was cut from the case. I cut it apart and made it a working pillowcase with a zipper. Enjoy!
Notice the navy blue thread with the white border. 
The rip in the back.
You will need a razor or seam ripper. I prefer a razor, but I also cut my fingers a lot, so be careful if you do use one!
Rip apart both pieces of fabric.
I chose to only use the Marushka. The plaid I put in my pile of scrap fabric.
I found a half cut up pair of corduroys for the back side of the pillowcase.
Cut off the waistband and open the legs.
This is what you will use.
Clem watching with such enthusiasm.
Lay the top piece over the corduroys and cut it the same size.
Leave enough room for a seam allowance!
I found this invisible zipper in my drawer of zippers. It was also thrifted. Probably made in the 70s.
Sew it to both pieces of fabric.
Pin the other three sides. Make sure you leave the zipper open a few inches or you will have a tough time flipping it right side out.
I sewed right along the edge of the silk screen on the Marushka so you will no longer see the white edges.
Clip the corners.
Viola! Less than 30 minutes and you have a new pillow! The pockets are fun for hiding little objects of keeping remotes!
And it is so pretty!

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  1. This is adorable! I love it and just 30 mins? You are so beautiful and talented :)