Sunday, August 22, 2010

Trip to Plato's Closet

The local Plato's Closet here in Augusta is conveniently located on my route home from David's Bridal, and next to my favorite sandwich shop in town. I end up there on lunch breaks, and almost always after I leave work. 
Saturday afternoon I stopped in to have a quick look, like I really need more clothes (I don't). On one of the displays in the window was this dress. The print caught my eye immediately and just happened to be a size small! I looked to see the designer and was extremely disappointed to see it said "LC By Lauren Conrad". That girl from the Hills, and that other show on TV; I don't even watch it so the name escapes me. I can't stand her, and I think it is ridiculous that someone such as herself is famous, for nothing! And now she has her own clothing line and book, what?! 
The dress was really overpriced for it's construction, $18! Originally sold at Kohl's department store, the bust is too narrow and too long for the sizing. I have to constantly pull it down so it fits just right. I'm pretty small up top, about a 34B, and a size small dress always fits just fine. It's almost as if it's an extra small cup size for a small dress. But I do love the print and cut at the waist. It's a reasonable length as well. The exposed zipper on the back is a little too trendy for my taste, but it's Lauren Conrad. Who am I kidding to think I could try on this dress and not find something to criticize. 
Maybe I'm being a little harsh... I just have a real problem with celebutantes having the opportunity to come out with clothing lines when they have no talent for design or garment construction. They hire more qualified designers to make them and slap their name on it. My sister just informed me as I'm writing this that Heidi Montag has her own line as well! How is this possible? I don't even have to go into how terrible that girl is. I just find it so discouraging as an aspiring designer to hear things like this. Rrrrrr! But at least I'm happy with myself at the end of the day and that's all that matters right?
From a seamstresses perspective this dress is very flawed in it's construction, but I did inevitably buy it. I think it looks pretty good on me, and I had so much fun wearing it while cooking breakfast for everyone this morning. I made french toast from whole grain bread sprinkled with powdered sugar, eggs, and bacon. I wore a vintage floral half apron over top of it since I'm such a mess in the kitchen. Dressing up while in the kitchen is so much fun!

I guess I'm just too impulsive when I'm at Plato's. My frequency card is almost full though! It's a great store to buy my clothes for work at the bar. Clothes such as tops that are flattering, yet not important. I don't care that they smell like I rubbed them in an ashtray by the end of the night. Plus, I get 20% off an entire purchase soon, yay! Rachael just challenged me to not go there for the next two weeks, so we'll see how I do with self discipline. I'm going to try my best!

Shoes: vintage, Salvation Army, $1.75
Sunglasses: brand unknown, Plato's Closet, $5.99
Belt: thrifted, $1

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  1. that is such a beautiful dress. . have been looking at your blog. . love your repurposing and reworking of the dresses!

    am adding you to the blogroll & following you!

  2. Very cute dress! It is extremely hard as a designer to go and buy something and not critcize it to pieces, LOL!!! That's why to this day I have the hardest time buying myself clothes because I pick them apart, terribly, smh. :)

  3. @devilishlypleasureable thanks! I have a ton of great new projects lined up!

    @Alethia -- that's too funny. I think it kinda makes it hard to appreciate simple clothes for what they are.. makes me feel like a snob haha.
    Plus thats another reason I'd rather thrift and get things second hand; I can't justify spending full price for new things. Everything is made so cheap, we can always make something better ourselves!

  4. This dress is so adorable!!! I do know what you mean, I'm also an aspiring designer and it sometimes discouraging to see random "celebrities" get a clothing at the drop of a dime while those of less fortunate and less famous have to work our fingers to the bone. But I guess at the end it will all be worth it or least I hope so....