Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How to make a makeup pouch from an old placemat

A great way to reuse an old placemat lying around the house! Fabric that is two sided also works. A very simple project! I made one for myself a few months ago on a whim to distract myself from other projects that were bothering me (I'm easily sidetracked). This should take less than 30 minutes!

You will need:

  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • zipper
  • placemat
  • thread
  • pins
Cotton placemat
Cut off fringe. Zig-zag stitch edges or use fray-check so it doesn't fray.
Matching zipper!
Pin zipper to one end. 
Using a zipper foot, sew to both ends of the placemat.
After sewing one side of the zipper, line up and pin to the other end. Sew this to placemat.
Still inside out, position so zipper is in the middle.
Pin closed.
Be sure to backstitch over top of the zipper opening. 
Trim excess zipper length.
Turn right side out and it's done!
Reminds me of a Kleenex box.
My make-up bag from a placemat. I positioned the zipper higher.

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