Friday, September 10, 2010

Joni Mitchell and kitties

My favorite glasses in my apartment.
And yes, that's wine in my glass. 
It's Thursday already? Ohmigoodness, this week is really flying by. I'm so exhausted from working nonstop for the past few weeks. Working about 60 hours this week is really getting to me. I'm feeling pretty bummed out. Oh how I miss being "unemployed" and only working for myself. Have to pay rent somehow though right? I refuse to be a starving artist. More like starving for time to actually be an artist. I shouldn't complain since I'm fortunate enough to have two taxable, good paying jobs. A seamstress at David's Bridal; downside: I'm sewing other peoples designs. And bartending at a local bar making sweet tips; downside, late nights, no time for social life. But I get to bartend with my boyfriend, so that's a plus. Seriously though, why can't the days be longer? 

Sad news guys, I cancelled my booth at Arts In The Heart. I was so pumped when the lady that runs it saw my booth at Art In The Park and told me to apply. Then, when I put together my application and was accepted. It was going to be my first big show. A three day festival; a sort of career milestone or accomplishment. Tens of thousands of people. But when I looked at the one plastic tote full of things I have to sell and realized that only having Sundays off is not really helping me build up my inventory. I won't set up my 10' x 10' canopy just to sell out of all my stuff the first day and then sit there in an empty booth looking unprepared. When I do things I must do them right.

I'm not even sure I'll be living in Augusta this time next year, but I just tell myself, "There's always next time". And even if I would have hurried and made a bunch of dresses and handbags just for Arts In The Heart, it's be rushed and I don't fell comfortable selling things that are rushed and made specifically for that reason. I pride myself on putting care and love into everything I do, and I definitely don't do it for the money.

I worked all day today at David's Bridal. Wore my awesome grey Anne Klein wool pants, brown leather shoes, a brown leather belt, and my mint green and white striped button up. On my way home I grabbed a quick bite with Walter on his dinner break at Rooster's Beak. Got to see Rachael for a bit. It sucks being on opposite schedules, she's 1st shirt, me generally 2nd. Ah everything aches. I can't wait for bed!

Now I'm babbling. Time for a bath and bed. I have an early day tomorrow. Then working until 3am at the bar, waking up at 8am Saturday, and working all night Saturday night. So pretty much 30 hours of working nonstop. 

Need to get my beauty rest! Goodnight all!

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