Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fabric shopping

Yesterday was another day to get together with Kaitlyn, the high school student I'm mentoring. Taking a break from her project of repurposing clothing, she is making halloween costumes for her and her boyfriend. They are going to be Adam and Eve; it's really cute. Oh, to be young and do the matching halloween costumes with the boyfriend. Years ago, a boyfriend and I did "Shaun of the Dead", he was Shaun and I was a zombie. I liked sneaking up on people and trying to eat them, saying, "braiiins!"
Kaitlyn bought a Burda pattern for a strapless dress, three yards of tan knit cotton, two green shades of linen, one yard each, and a yard of some lace. She'll be using the tan knit for the dress and her boyfriends skirt thing. The greens will be little leaves sewn all over the dress.
I thought it would be good for her to sew from a pattern since she has never sewn from one. She's cutting it out and coming over tomorrow to get it started. We both laughed about how it was strange hanging out together and not sewing.
I spent a few hours in the last couple days making this scarf she's wearing. Kaitlyn was making fun of me on the way to Joann's when I was finishing the last row, calling me an old woman for crocheting. I finished it, then didn't like it, typical with most things I crochet, so I gave it to Kaitlyn. She loves it! It's a blue cotton yarn that I got at the CraftCSRA fabric swap, and some scrap cotton teal yarn I use for coasters around the house.

So glad she likes it, and it looks much better on her than it did on me. I just finished this chunky red scarf that is about 6 feet long, 6 inches wide, fire-engine red! It's awesome. Red is my favorite color! I love this scarf! I always wondered how Etsy shops like Miss Indie make a profit on crocheted goods, but with chunky yarn like this, and a crochet hook about as big around as my thumb, I finished it in one sitting! I bought three skeins of yarn at Joann's, used a skein and a half for the scarf, which leaves enough left for a hat! And at $5.99 a skein, one half off, makes the hat and scarf only $15! 

I started the hat!
Time to work on my friend, Sara's secret halloween costume! I'm using old clothing and all scrap fabric! She's going to love it. Pictures after halloween. Can't spoil her surprise costume.

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