Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Friday

Last Friday was "First Friday" here in downtown Augusta, Georgia. It was a beautiful day, sunny, warm, light breeze. In the past week it has really cooled down to where I actually need to start wearing jeans, but this was probably the last day I could get away with my high waisted short shorts. I finally got the chance to wear my Icicle Playsuit from The Petite Chouette. A handmade bathing suit/playsuit made by Eva in Germany. 

Time to pack up all my awesome jean shorts, fall is here! I bought these Guess shorts for only $1.50 at Salvation Army!
Photos by Lanah Bardier.

Notice Walter in the background in the second photo. He recently bought his 80s Raleigh street bike for $120 on craigslist, and we ride around downtown all the time. I bought mine for about the same at a local flea market back in April; it's a Schwinn Le Tour III. I absolutely looove my bike! Whoever owned it for the last 30 years never rode it and even the tires are original! Riding down to get coffee or riding my bike to work is so much better than driving; plus it's only a mile.

Walter and I rode our bikes up to Americana and ran some errands before I had to work at the bar. On the way back we saw the Zombie Fashion Show at Halo. I was tagged in these photos by Lanah Bardier on Facebook so I thought I'd share them with you all. 

There was also a zombie walk downtown that I missed since I was working. There were zombies everywhere! I couldn't even recognize some of my friends with their bloody faces and craving brains. 

Tonight I'm enjoying my first day off in a week and a half. About to pop in Season 3, disc 3 of Weeds that just came in the mail. Mary-Kate is joining the cast this season and I've never seen it; so exciting! Thanks Netflix. Hope you are all enjoying this Thursday evening!

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