Saturday, October 30, 2010

Homemade Halloween

It's official! I've been in Augusta for exactly one year today! Jeff and I drove down last Halloween, a Saturday. Spend all day in a moving truck with absolutely no leg room. Left cold Michigan for a sunny Georgia. I can't believe it's been a year already! I didn't really dress up last year. The week before I left, I put on some cat ears and had an easy costume. This year I thought I'd try something a little more challenging. 

Sticking with my repurposing/recycling, I didn't buy many new materials for either of my costumes. I went last night as Minnie Mouse, and tonight I'm going as a doll. Simple, feminine, not the typical revealing costume most adult women wear, thankfully. I can't do that anymore at my age. And homemade is the most important part. Who would want to see someone else in the same costume as you when you're out? Put some originality into it! Here are some pictures from last night at work.
Sara and I. She's a bit camera shy. I made her costume (tutorial soon), Barbie and the Rockers. I made my mouse ears using felt, a brown headband, and hot glue. Then I bought a yard of polka dot fabric to make the bow for my waist and head. The dress I already had from years ago. I wore it once, to my step-sister's wedding. I think I originally bought it at Plato's closet for about $15. 
Aside from the cost of my dress, I think my costume cost me about $10. Pretty cheap and it was comforable to work it. I wore my red ballerina flats, super comfortable behind the bar!

I just finished my costume for tonight. I wasn't even sure what I was going to be until about noon. I was going through my closet of all the thrifted dresses waiting to be repurposed and found this one. My friend Sarah was over, I was helping her sew sequins on her Betty Boop. She helped me narrow it down to this one:
I bought this at a Salvation Army in Myrtle Beach recently for $3! Walter thought I was crazy to buy it, but I saw that if it were just a shorter dress it would be perfect! It's vintage, probably an old bridesmaids dress or something someone wore to a Prom. I carefully, but with serious time constraints, cut both layer to the desired length, leaving the pink fabric a few inches longer. 
After cutting the satin underneath, I did a quick double folded hem, and ironed the dress. Retrimming the pink fabric so it was perfectly even all the way around. Less than an hour of thought, and I have this new dress:
Now time to shower and make myself look like an actual doll, then off to work for the evening! I can't wait for Halloween to be over! I'm hoping I didn't make this dress too short to bartend in. We'll see. I'm wearing little shorts underneath just in case!
Coming tomorrow: the Evil Kenevil costume I made for a friend!

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