Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Modest Mouse Monday

I can't believe it's already Tuesday; yesterday was another day of sewing with Kaitlyn. She made an entire outfit! She came over bright and early, well, 11 A.M. She even brought me a Big Mac and a box of Oreos (my favorite)!
We knew she was going to cut up this linen dress and use the top for a jacket but everything else we did just sort of evolved as we went along. While I tell her my opinion and how to go about doing the reconstruction, the ideas are all hers.
We turned this dress into a little jacket and saved the bottom for next week. Kaitlyn really impressed me this week. She'd ask me a question and I'd tell her how to sew it, then she'd hop on my machine, change the thread and go to town on the reconstruction. She is learning to navigate my machine like she's been sewing for years, when it's been only a few weeks. She's sewing on curves, doing applique, sewing elastic, and I even taught her how to do pleats this week! She is such a fast learner! I was able to work on another project, a santa purse, and just be in the same room with her if she had questions.
She measured about 29" up from the bottom all the way around and marked it with a sewing pen then cut off the bottom. Oh! Did I mention Kaitlyn is left-handed, like me. I really need to get her some nice left-handed sewing sheers, I cut with my right hand, but she's a true lefty.
She wanted to make the jacket higher in the back by a few inches, so we pinned it, marked the lines, took in the sides for a more fitted look. She also took off those little buttons on the side. Clementine was watching our work all day. She'd lay on whatever we were about to use next, it's like she's psychic. And I learned that Kaitlyn isn't a big fan of cats. The poor girl is surrounded by them in my apartment. My girls follow me from room to room all day long. 
We started listening to some music on my iPod, she put on Modest Mouse's "Good News" album, and when it was done I changed it to their album "Everywhere and His Nasty Parlor Tricks", an album that came out in 2001 that I listened to the summer before my freshman year of college (2003), and she knew it! This girl is amazing!
From the same men's cotton polo we used last week, Kaitlyn added a long piece of teal trim along the from front and wrapped it along the collar and back down the other side. Navigating the corners of the collar was a little difficult but she did it!
Sleepy Clementine
She also chose to add a "T" of teal piping along the back of the jacket. I explained to her she'd have to open the sleeves a little to sew it in and she knew exactly what I meant without have to show her! 

The cats lying on Kaitlyn's clothes. Such brats.
 These high waisted shorts with an elastic band became a high-waisted skirt. To do this she simply took out the crotch of the short, sewing a straight stitch from the top of the front and back seams continuing down to the hem. She then added a long strip of teal cotton to tie it to the jacket.
The end result is very "Kaitlyn". Her personality really shows through in when she's been designing. And she is only 17! Being her mentor and teaching her to sew is really inspiring. I need to get off my behind and get a spring line off the ground. 
Today I think I'm going to work on my friend's wedding gown I'm reconstructing for her December wedding in Augusta. She gave me two accent colors she wants added to the gown, brown and red, and I have complete artist freedom! I'm also going to be adding some embroidery with the help of my friend Sarah. 

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  1. Oh there are the cats! I love the freedom in the design.