Sunday, October 17, 2010

Patching jeans

Ever walk behind a complete stranger with holes in their jeans and see their underwear? You don't even know their name but you know they're wearing penguin boxers. It's terrible. I can't stand it when people walk around with holes in their jeans! It's gross. Fix it. No one wants to see your undergarments through your ratty jeans, am I right? Maybe I'm old fashioned to think it's inappropriate to have undergarments showing. 

My dad used to throw away my jeans without telling me if they had holes in them. He'd say I, "looked like a bum." My dad's a funny guy. I even fix his jeans that he's had for years that have holes in them. This is an easy fix that takes about 5 minutes! All you need is an iron, an ironing board, and  With about 5 minutes and an iron you can repair worn jeans so they are able to wear again!

I'm using Dritz Iron-On Patches. It comes in a sheet like this. One piece of this will last forever! Or at least a five pairs of jeans depending on what you're patching. I'm only patching the back pockets on these Levis.
 Cut out the size patch(es) you need and round the corners. They last a lot longer with rounded edges.

Place patch on inside of hole, covering the hole and at least an inch of fabric on all sides. This fusable patch will hole onto the existing fabric.

Iron. Press hard. I iron it for about a minute. Let it cool before checking if it's adhered to the fabric well enough.

 Iron from the other side. If you are patching knees of jeans you can use a patch on each side, the same size, and iron on both sides. And if the hole is really big you will also need to patch both sizes.

The inside will look like this when you are done.

Trim loose threads.

The end result: your old ratty jeans look a million times better! No one will see your unmentionables now! If the patch comes off a little bit in the wash, simply iron them again. The patch will continue to stay for countless washes.

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  1. Thanks so much for this post! My favorite pair of jeans have been sitting on the shelf for 6 months because I hate holes in the bum. I can't wait to fix them, and wear them again!

  2. Great idea, Sally! I've featured this article in our Great Tips section. Check it out!