Friday, October 22, 2010


I must admit, I've been slacking a little on the blogging. These pictures are from Wednesday! Kaitlyn came over to get started on her Halloween costume, she's being Adam and Eve with her boyfriend. Before we even got started on her dress, she had this little side project to work on. 
Now that she is understanding basic garment construction, and what she can do to alter clothes to her liking, she's looking at the possibilities of cutting up existing clothes in her closet! It's awesome. She brought three shirts: a plaid button up, a light blue t-shirt, and a sherbert orange t-shirt.
She decided that since she doesn't wear any of these, she could combine them and Make the middle t-shirt more her style. It had one of those tiny non-functioning pockets. The shirt below had a pocket on it already.
 Step one: remove the pocket with a razor blade or seam ripper.
 Determine where you want the pocket to be on the shirt.
 Remove little pocket that was already there. Iron it so you do not see holes from the old seam.
Kaitlyn decided to put it on the opposite side as before. Not many shirts have pockets on the right side. I found the little teal button in my massive jar of buttons. And get this: she did all the sewing on her own! I sat and hand stitched a purse I've been working on. 
I've been sewing non-stop at home this week. So many Halloween costumes to work on! Pictures and more blog posts about them all after Halloween. I can't wait until this terrible holiday is over. I have to dress up twice, two different costumes for work.

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