Monday, November 1, 2010

How to make an Evil Knievel costume

Evil Knievel. Daredevil. Rode a motorcycle. That's about all I know about him. A friend of mine really wanted this costume this year for Halloween. He brought me a white worksuit he'd bought from a local uniform store. I looked at a ton of pictures online and figured I could make it, no problem. 

You will need:
  • white jumpsuit
  • red and blue fabric
  • white felt
  • "E" and "V" iron on letters
  • a metal snap
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • measuring tape

Starting with the white jumpsuit, I removed the front pockets. Remove the iron-on letters from their packaging.
Take your red and blue material and cut long strips. I cut the red about 2-3 inches wider than the blue. Sew then lengthwise and turn right side out. Iron flat, with the seam in middle on the backside, and sew the blue on top of the red. Cut them to the approapriate lengths and pin down on the front of the costume.
Using a top stitch along the red borders, sew the two pieces on the chest first. I opened up the seam along the shoulders to make it look more professional. Again, using a top stitch, sew the waistband.
Take the white felt board, cut out an oval. Attach the letters. These specific letters I bought were iron-on and stick-on so they were perfect to use with felt!

The cats were watching me as I was sewing. Stella was very interested in this piece. Clem was too tired to care.
Now the most difficult part, cutting out with white stars. I never realized how precise one has to be when cutting out stars. If you don't cut them just right, they look funny. These are 2" wide. I cut out about 20 stars so I would have enough for the front and all along the belt. Using hot glue I glued down all the stars. Much easier than sewing all of them since it's a costume that will only be worn once.

 Hand sew the belt buckle. Only stitch it to one side so the zipper is still functional. Add a snap to the other side.

Here is my friend in his amazing costume! He was still wearing his clothes underneath it, but you get the idea. It was awesome! I'm sure he won a million costume contests over the weekend. With some white boots and slicked back hair, he would make a perfect Evil Knievel!

I had so much fun making this costume! Thankfully Halloween is over and I can take on the task of reorganizing my sewing room! Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. Questions? Comments! I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Sally! I'm so glad I found your site. I am making a short film (really short) about Evel Knievel and am looking for a costume like this. NOTE--I'm a big Evel fan and have made a couple other short films about him over the years. Is there any chance your friend may be open to loaning out this costume for a few days? I'd be more than happy to give you and him a credit at the end of the movie, plus dvd copies when it's done. Again, this is gonna be really short, about a couple minutes. (The other films we made about Evel were about 15-20 minutes each.) The actor would be seen riding his motorcycle and walking, nothing to rough on the costume.

    Thank you for your consideration, Sally! My name is Brian and you can reach me at