Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tailoring a men's shirt

This is my friend, Kesley. He came to me and asked about learning how to sew! Very passionate about vintage clothing, he's learning all there is to know about garment construction. He wanted this button-up shirt tailored a little more for his slender build. 

We started by seeing it on. I pinned a few inches into the sleeve and into the chest area. Since in original construction, the sleeve was sewn on before the side seam was sewn, we could take it in from the cuff of the sleeve and continue down to the waist with a simple pivot at the armpit.

A pin marks two inches into the shirt. Starting at the cuff along the orginal seam, gradually get to two inches taking it in.

Pivot at this seam. Continue down to the waist.

Checking the fit.

We then cut the shirt off where the front and back hung longer than the side. Button up the shirt to make sure you cut it the same on both sides. Hem the bottom.

The end result. A much more fitted flattering fit. Kesley loved it and wore it later last week with a vintage bow tie!

Any particulat tutorials you'd like to see, let me know!

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