Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thanks Rachael!

I got a package in my Post Office box today from my sister, Rachael, who lives in Pensacola, Florida. She sent me CDs of mine she accidentally packed when she left Augusta and a bunch of surprises! Mostly cat related, of course, she bought me a ton of things at the local thrift stores. 
I can't even rate them in order of awesomeness because everything is so great that she sent me. First, these fantastic heels! She found them still in the box for $4.00! It's so hard to find vintage shoes in our size (size 9) and in good shape. These are polyester with little rosettes on the toes. About 4" heels. So amazing!
 AND THEN! She sent me a kitty cat watch! White leather band, gold, and get this, the seconds hand is a little mouse that goes around and around! It's definitely my new favorite watch. I have this obsession with ridiculous thrifted watches. And Rachael just found me the best one ever!
And last but not least, she sent me this funny cat book, "Do Cats Think?", a book "filled with anecdotes and descriptions of cat behavior from decades of personal observation". And people think I'm obsessed with cats. I think this guy beats me. A great coffee table book to creep out my guests and flip through. I'm sure it's a fun read. 

Time to head to work now. Kaitlyn just left; we had another sewing lesson today. Didn't quite finish this skirt we're turning into a strapless fitted dress. It's almost complete!

Also coming tomorrow, the tutorial and repurposing of this pink polyester nightmare:

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