Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vogue Patterns

Another successful sewing lesson with Kaitlyn yesterday. We fell a little behind with the holidays, so we're in overdrive now to complete her senior project in time! Only 5 weeks and about 9 outfits to complete. She's having a fashion show of repurposed clothing and I'm mentoring her.
Instead of repurposing an old garment this week, we started from scratch and used a Vogue pattern. We still stuck with her recycled theme and used all second hand fabric; she'd found some huge hideous clothes at Goodwill to cut up.
We started by cutting up the pattern in my living room. Stella kept jumping on the tissue paper, causing trouble. It's unfortunate my cat's favorite thing in the entire world is something I use while working, especially since I work at home. But we had a little fun with my tripod and remote.
It was a hat day for me. Too much work to do all day; no time to actually do my hair. I made the hat the past few slow days at work and while doing laundry the other day at the laundromat. I tried to make it a beret but it was a lot harder than I had anticipated. But it's great to hide my crazy hair beneath.
This pattern was labeled difficult but Kaitlyn felt confident taking it on. It was fully lined, had a peplum on the back, a side invisible zipper, darts, and had a ton of circular seams to sew. Kaitlyn impressed me with her work this week. She was very determined.
She learned to cut slits in the seam where the front bodice meets the front skirt so the fabric would lie flatter.
 Trying it on before adding lining and the zipper.
As she went to sew the sleeves, she removed the front piece of the machine to allow for more room to sew the sleeve! She's so smart! Kaitlyn's navigating her new sewing machine so well.
We still needed to finish the hem but it's 99% finished! Using different colors and fabrics for the skirt and bodice was a great idea on Kaitlyn's part. It really made the dress unique to her personality. She added her signature turquoise along the peplum and at the front where the bodice was gathered.
She was considering taking the sleeves up a tad but we'll wait until we fit all the individual models in the clothes. Everything is sewn to Kaitlyn approximate size since all of her friends that will be her models are around her size. The few weeks before the show she'll learn some useful tailoring techniques I utilize at David's Bridal. 

Next week, we'll be sewing another dress from a pattern. I can't wait!

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  1. Sally Ann, You are truly talented. I sew envy you. :)

  2. Just wanted to let you know that we liked your post so much that we made a link from the Vogue Patterns facebook page. Great job!
    Kathy Marrone

  3. Great post but I would have liked to see the cat in action!! Love to see a teen learning to sew AND the recycling fabric!