Monday, December 27, 2010

60s linen dress reconstructed by Kaitlyn

Another successful sewing reconstruction with Kaitlyn last week! This one turned out so well! She turned a boring 60s linen dress from Salvation Army into a cute little dress with puffy sleeves, a v-neck back, and changed the detail to the front.
 Before, looking like she's ready to take her kids to school in 1962.
Grumpy Clementine lying on the curtains I'm making for Americana Tattoo Parlor while Kaitlyn dances around in the background eating Oreos.
 She shortened the skirt about 6 inches.
She then used scrap fabric I had, took apart the dress using the original front flat for a pattern and made the detail brown instead of turquoise. She then changed the bow to her accent fabric.
 Sewing interfacing to lower the neckline a few inches in the front and make the back a deep V.
 Sewing the hem.
Adding most fabric to the back. Taking a rectangle the width of the zipper to the shoulder and sewing it on so it has a cowl look to the neckline in the back. She then used the other fabric to do the same thing on the left side.
 The dress was a tad short, oops. Maybe Kaitlyn's just too tall ha. It looks amazing!
I'm a little behind on my Kaitlyn posts, this was from early last week. I have another from last week, she turned high-waisted linen pants into shorts and made them her size. I'm going to try to post a few more tutorials this week. One on my New Years dress! I repurposed a prom dress from the 80s into an amazing little cocktail dress!

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