Friday, December 17, 2010

Cowl neck shirt

Oh my, it's already Friday. I just realized I haven't updated my blog all week! It's been a crazy week of making everyone's Christmas presents, sewing with Kaitlyn, and starting my new job at Stillwater Taproom. This week just flew by, and I'm not even close to being ready for the holidays!
This recon was from Monday. Kaitlyn came over bright and early to get started on another piece for her collection. She was wearing this purple sweater she's holding below. We used the cowl neck on her shirt as a guide for how to make one using a mustard yellow polyester blouse and a teal sweatshirt.
The blouse to be used originally had sleeves and a high neckline but Kaitlyn went scissor happy at home over the weekend and it didn't turn out how she'd hoped. Silly Kaitlyn. We salvaged the shirt and were still able to use it for this project. It was a little big, and she took it in about 2 inches on ear side.
This thrifted Lacoste sweatshirt was used to the cowl. We removed the sleeves and made a giant rectangle out of the remaining fabric. Sewing what was originally the waistband to the shoulders, Kaitlyn made a long tube out of the sweatshirt, approx. 48" x 12".  
Kaitlyn took the long piece of sweatshirt and sewed it into a large circular cowl. Dividing it into fourths, she pinned it to the blouse, at the shoulders and middle point of the neckline in the front and in the back. She sewed it on as if the neckline were a large scoop neck. Then she trimmed the excess fabric.
Using me for her dressform, Kaitlyn pinned on the front lace detail, centering it beneath the cowl and making sure it was the right length with the bottom hem.
 Great job, Kaitlyn!
The finished shirt, and in less than an hour and a half! She's such a pro. Look at her being all coy behind her cowl.
The sleeve's interfacing still needs to be tacked down with some stitch witch but that can be done when we tailor it to one of her models. This shirt turned out so well! I'm so proud of my student!!
We made an entire outfit on Wednesday that I'll post tomorrow. I'm off for another 12 hour work day! Happy Friday everyone!

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