Wednesday, December 29, 2010

High waisted shorts

One day last week, when I was feeling very under the weather, Kaitlyn came over to work on some clothes. These amazingly hideous pleated pants have been on Kaitlyn's work pile for a while. Turquoise, size 12 or so, long. From my bed in the next room I'd instruct her what to do next. It was quite comical. Kaitlyn brought me a glass of water, put on Iron & Wine, and tucked me in with a blanket.
Kaitlyn's pictures of her progress. She detatched the waistband all the way around except the first inch at the front zipper on either side. After measuring that they were 6 inches too big, she pinned the center back of the waistband and sewed, taking 6 inches off. 
To take 6" from the shorts, she added 3" of pleats on either side of the front of the shorts, nearest to the center line, by the zipper. Adding pleats where there are already pleats is a very easy way to size down shorts like this! I do it all the time. High waisted shorts are my summer staple.
Then she sewed the waistband back onto the shorts.
Next, to make them shorts. She cut about 7" of inseam. We both have a habit of cutting things too short, so it's best to start longer and go from there. Realizing she doesn't like how wide they are in the legs, Kaitlyn, still without my help, took the shorts in at all four seams!
She then found her desired length and sewed up the legs. DONE!
Wearing my t-shirt from Mixed Species.
Another successful reconstruction. She's so talented! A little over one month until the fashion show! 

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  1. The shorts turned out way cute! And I have those same green socks that Kaitlyn has-the funky green ones with snowmen on them. :)

  2. Ah! She's going to kill me for not cropping those out! haha.
    Let's hope she doesn't read this entry. : )

  3. Your ideas is brilliant to make shorts very cute for you. I like it.