Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to all!

I have completely turned my Christmas scrooge spirit around and embraced the holiday. Finally! My sister, Rachael, arrived on Wednesday to visit for a few days. We exchanged gifts, had a dinner party with friends, went dancing, and showed downtown Augusta what it's been missing since she left. 
Such a great week. A long week, but amazing having my sister here. Rachael moved to Pensacola in October after I had moved here to live with her. I'm sad she's leaving today. At least I'll be spending Christmas with close friends.
I made Rachael an amazing stocking, well, I embroidered it to spell her name correctly. But regardless, I think it's amazing! And she loves it! I did it the other day when I was working happy house at Stillwater. Kinda strange when your bartender is embroidering a thrifted Christmas stocking. Haha.
I still have to finish mine, I've finished the "S", and a tiny one that will say "CATS". Clementine and Stella's names are way too long to embroider and I'm barely a novice with this. I'm glad I'm taking on another crafting skill. 
It's a difficult Christmas having had a recent loss in the family, but I'm so fortunate to have at least had these last few days with Rachael. I'm thinking of my family and close friends back in Michigan, and looking forward to the new year when I will be able to go back for a few weeks and visit. 
I hope you are all enjoying the holidays with your loved ones. 

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