Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mixed Species

Since I've known my friend Sarah, I've wanted her bumper sticker she's had on her minivan. She bought it from Mixed Species on Etsy. I finally splurged a few weeks ago and went online shopping. I usually porhibit myself from online shopping because I will keep clicking "add to cart" and end up with a huge order of things I really don't need, a perfect example of my compulsive nature.
Unfortunately, they no longer made the bumper sticker, but I bought this amazing "Glue guns are greater than guns" shirt. It's a really comfortable olive American Apparel t-shirt. Plus the way the screen print is positioned, and the cut of the t-shirt, I appear larger than I actually am. Always a plus ha.
I wore it to work last Tuesday night and received a lot of positive feedback. Most people would look at it and just start laughing, but some just didn't get it. I'd explain, "I design clothing and make things. My glue gun is awesome." Then there were a few southern redneck guys who sounded like Boomhauer from King Of The Hill had negative things to say to me because they weren't smart enough to get the humor. Oh well. They also call me a Yankee, so what they have to say never bothers me.
Clementine had a good time with our little photo shoot the other day. She always gets mad when I make her pose for pictures. She eventually tried jumping on my mantle, but it's about 4 inches deep so she had no where to go. Poor stupid Clementine ha.
I also purchased this canvas "Humans are no way to treat a planet" tote. It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be, which is awesome. I throw all my crocheting projects, makeup pouch, magazines and books in it when I leave the house. It holds everything! It was only $6!
The last thing I purchased was this t-shirt. It matches the tote, so I have to be sure I wear one or the other.  This shirt is so soft! And again, it was only $6! Mixed Species is having a special in their shop right now, if you spend $20, they send you a free t-shirt. Well, it was pretty awesome when I opened the package and found four shirts! The two I'd purchased, and an additional t-shirt like the one above and one with a six legged moose on it, called the "Nice Rack T-shirt". I gave Sarah the shirt like mine and wore the Nice Rack shirt the next day. 
Mixed Species is four guys out of Oregon. Check out their shop for more amazing t-shirts, greeting cards, bumper stickers (this one is my favorite), and totes.

Pictures taken from http://www.mixedspecies.etsy.com

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