Thursday, December 23, 2010

My new/repurposed winter coat

 eorWhile shopping at Salvation Army last week, I found this amazing purple wool coat, only $8.95! Since I live in Georgia, winter coat shopping at the thrift store is slim pickings. I was humoring myself and looking through the coat the are mixed in with the blazers there are so few, and then there this was! It was meant to be! It's vintage, a kids coat, with black velvet collar and bow on the back.

Unfortunately, the sleeves were way too short and the buttons were missing. Using this velvet blazer I bought for $3 and some buttons I found in my massive button jar, I made this coat absolutely perfect!
I started by cutting off the last 11" of the sleeves of the blazer. This will be the extension of the sleeves on the coat!
Matching up the raw edge of the velvet and the edge of the coat, sew them together.
I added some silver buttons, eagles holding anchors, and it's perfect! Kaitlyn and I took a lunch break, went to Nacho Mama's for tacos and stopped by James Brown's statue on Broad street to snap a few shots of my new coat.
James Brown celebrating the holidays.
My awesome photographer for the afternoon. Thanks Kaitlyn.
I did this reconstruction for only $11! Questions? Comments? 

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