Saturday, December 18, 2010

Scarlet hands

Why are my hands so red you ask? Don't worry, I did not murder anyone, although the other day my bathroom looked very suspicious. I have been very busy lately preparing for and making ... get ready for it.... a line of repurposed lingerie!
I've spent the last month scouring local thrift stores for the best vintage slips around. I'm then dying them with Rit fabric dye, and repurposing them accordingly. Most of them will be dramatically shorter, to give them a sexier feel, and I'll also be adding new trims, laces, etc. They will all be shades of purple, red, and pink for a fun Valentine's theme.
The "scarlet" pieces I dyed last week, giving my tub the look like I'd been hanging out with Dexter.
A "wine" piece that has yet to be sewn. The best part about dying these polyester slips is that the lace and the polyester absorb different amounts of dye, giving it a great romantic feel with different shades. 
And this the closest you will get to seeing me in lingerie. Haha. I have a handful of friends that will be modeling the line for me, thankfully. I can't, in good conscience, put on these pieces and stand in front of a camera. Just not going to happen. I prefer to do the sewing. I hate being in front of the camera. It's a necessity for me to represent myself professionally of course. But for every picture you see of me on this blog, I've probably taken 10.
I have been itching to announce this to everyone, a few people here in Georgia already know. I am very excited about the 30+ pieces that will be available for purchase very soon! Keep checking back for more progress reports. 
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! I'm off to start my first night bartending at a music venue in downtown Augusta called Sky City. Tonight is Drivin N Cryin, Shaun Piazza Band, and a few others. It's a great venue and I get to see the show for free, yay!

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  1. Of course you would be camera shy, the pretty ones always are... go figure... :-P