Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sisterly love

The craziest thing ever happened this year at Christmas -- 
my sister, Rachael, and I both bought each other cat rings! 

As if we weren't crazy enough cat ladies, right? She gave me mine as soon as she got to town, and I freaked out! When I gave Rachael hers later that night, she exclaimed, "I'm married to George!" and put it on her ring finger. George is her black cat that gets into everything. My ring is like Clementine, she chases mice and is a big brat.

She bought me my ring of a cat chasing a mouse when she visited our other sister, Sarah, in Hawaii in October. I bought hers at the mall last week. When I bought hers I hoped there were two rings so we could both match, but the vendor said he only had one and couldn't even order more. Rachael's is a cat just sitting on her finger.

Then of course Thursday night we had a dinner party and we opened all the other gifts we'd gotten each other. Everything Rachael got me was cat themed. Cat jigsaw puzzle, cat cheese knives, cat painting that was painted by a crazy cat lady, you get the idea. All my friends that were there thought we were nuts. But honestly, I didn't start collecting cat things until a few years ago as a joke and now it's out of control. She even gave me this awesome vintage Marushka style silk-screen wall hanging.

It needs some work. It's dirty, and there's a small tear right by one of it's back feet along the wood frame. I think it'd be a pretty badass pillow. I was thinking about taking it off it's frame, backing it with interfacing, and making Rachael a pillow for her house. I definitely don't need more cat stuff ha. We decided that either way, regardless of what I do with this wall hanging, we'll trade it back and forth.

But my craziest "cat" thing in my apartment is the ceramic cat my friends Jonathan and Luke gave me in October. Luke insisted I name her "Persey." When I brought her home after our ritual Sunday night at Bees Knees, my cats arched their backs and poofed their hair, thinking Persey was another cat invading their house. Even my boyfriend's dog thought it was real! When he came over for the first time, he barked at it and approached it cautiously.

It's probably from the 80s. These large ceramic cats were used to prop open doors. I have her sitting at the end of my hallway as you would walk into my living room. Anyone who doesn't know of my love for tacky cat decorations definitely does when they come over to my house.

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  1. We have the same cat at home. Its not that color, its white, to match the cats we used to have, but I'm pretty sure its the same exact mold lol.

    You both are crazy cat ladies, but you're ok in my book! Just don't become a cat hoarder! haha

  2. Lol oh we are not crazy. As long as we aren't living together in ten years with 5 more cats we'll be fine. Remember our list of how not to get married?! Hahahaha.

    But I won't buy you any more cat things haha I promise!

  3. Oh and I got you something that wasn't cat themed. Your cutting boards! Remember for sewing!

  4. That's awesome Ryan!! & too late on the hoarding. I can reuse anything so there is never a need to get rid of anything! hah

    Oh man the list of how to not get married... hilarious.
    & thanks for the mats, they're definitely needed in my sewing room!