Friday, December 31, 2010

Top Five Posts in 2010

Can you believe it's the last day of the year? I can't. This year felts like it's been two, but the last two months have felt like only one. I feel like it was November 1st just yesterday; it's been a crazy year. So much has changed since this time in 2009. And I've come such a long way. Personally, professionally, emotionally. 
It's been one of the hardest years of my life with the loss of my stepfather in July. Adjusting to a new part of the country, since November 2009 when I moved to Georgia from Michigan. Having my sister move away in October this year, and being alone without family for the first time in my life. On top of everything that happened in 2010, I can say I am proud of what I have accomplished regardless. 
I can be proud of my year without retail shopping. Not a single piece of new clothing in an entire year. I can't believe I actually did it. A year of only thrifting, repurposing, and resale shops. It changed the way I view my wardrobe, the way I buy clothes, the way I dress. It was fantastic. 
I also sold clothing on my website for the first time this year. As I've been making custom clothing for years, I finally took the leap into clothing for purchase without a particular customer in mind. Another huge step. And I can't wait for my new lingerie line to premiere in February, and a few bridal gowns I'll finish for spring (next year will be insane).
I also became a professional seamstress in 2010. A reader of my blog, my current boss, contacted me about doing some alterations. In responding I found that it was a potential job that would be primarily sewing. I now work on bridal gowns at a major bridal chain. My mom couldn't be more proud.
To recap 2010, I've picked my five favorite entires from the year, in no particular order. Hope you enjoy, and thank you for reading!

Front fly zipper tutorial - One of my favorite pair of red shorts. The zipper split while I was having cocktails with friends at Bees Knees, a local tapas restaurant, on a Sunday night over the summer. It was extremely embarrassing! Luckily, being a seamstress 24/7, I had safety pins in my purse and was able to keep the zipper closed so that no one noticed. The tutorial was so much fun to do, since I was already planning on fixing the zipper. The shirt I wore in the post was also a shirt I'd made over a year ago out of jersey cotton.
Rachael In Red - The tutorial of a dress I repurposed for my sister, Rachael. It was the dress that came with my mannequin I've had for years. It reminded me so much of my paternal grandmother, and the reconstruction was perfect for Rachael. We had an amazing photoshoot and she looked beautiful! I don't know how she was able to look so good with all that long hair in the 100 degree, 100% humidity that day. She looked beautiful!
Trip To Valueland - While home in Michigan in July, my sisters and I spent a few hours at my favorite thrift store in the entire world, Valueland. Located in Muskegon, Michigan, I've been shopping there since I was a kid. We found some amazing clothes, cat figurines, greeting cards, and more. Plus, getting the chance for me and my two sisters to spend time together doesn't happen anymore with the three of us living in Hawaii, Florida, and Georgia. It was a great day. (I'm holding a vintage Avon perfume bottle shaped like a Winnebago haha)
Meet Kaitlyn - If you read my blog, you've definitely seen this lady's beautiful face. Kaitlyn. She's 17, a senior in high school. Since early October, I've been her "mentor", teaching her how to sew to create a line of repurposed clothing for her senior project. I photograph all of our lessons and post them here. This yellow dress below was our first reconstruction! See more posts with her here.
Sound of Music tutorial - A dress I repurposed that Rachael bought me. We had a great time with the photo shoot, in 100 degree weather, the same day as her red dress photo shoot. I was so proud of this reconstruction. This post makes me very sad my sister doesn't live here anymore, she was my photographer for the better part of the year. Constantly pushing me to do more, work harder, she's a great motivator, like a drill sergeant, in a good way. See more posts with her here.

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