Saturday, December 11, 2010

Transforming Kulats

I've been meaning to post these pictures for a while now. This post would have been my 100th but I had to host the giveaway instead. So here they are. Kaitlyn and I get together on Wednesday night and turned hideous kulats into a high waisted skirt! 
They were an interesting print. Kaitlyn picked them up at Salvation Army for a few dollars. She's getting quite good at finding gems at the thrift store! A little bit too big, but definite potential with the print and existing pockets.
She started by ripping out the seam connecting the front to the back. We decided it'd be very easy to just turn the kulats into a skirt.
Turning the shorts inside out, you see the pant legs. To turn this into a skirt you simply remove the fabric on the right side of the chalk mark. Start a few inches down from the top of the seam. Do this in the front and the back.
The shorts were a little big on Kaitlyn, and since we're using her size as a starting point for all of the clothes we're making (we'll size them to her models as it gets closer to her show) we had to take the waistband in about two inches. Mirroring the front pleats, we created two on either side of the zipper in the back of the skirt. I pinned it while it was on Kaitlyn and she stitched along the bottom edge of the black waistband.
Finding a scrap piece of teal cotton from a men's golf polo, she decided this was to be the new waistband. Keeping the original black waistband still on the skirt, she sewing this on over it. With the right side of the fabrics together she stitched along the bottom edge of the black band, folded it over the black band, and "stitched in the ditch" all the way around. Voila, new waistband! 
Forgot to mention, she also shortened it about 10 inches. I didn't even have to oversee any of her work, she's becoming a pro! So proud of her.
She's very happy with her new piece! It looked amazing. I had kept Kaitlyn out past her 9 P.M. curfew on accident, we got sidetracked watching Feist videos on YouTube, oops. I hadn't seen the video for "I Feel It All", when the song came on my iPod, Kaitlyn said, "OMG have you seen this video?!" When I replied that I hadn't, she insisted I watch it. Then we started chit-chatting and next thing you know, 20-30 minutes has past. The video was definitely worth it though. I can't believe I hadn't seen it!
Since she was so short on time she borrowed my black t-shirt she wore for these photos and actually wore this skirt home! I think it's difficult sometimes for her to have to save these clothes for her fashion show, when the best part about making something new is wearing it right away!
In the last week, I quit one bartending job and the next day got another. Then on my first training day at the new bar, I was offered weekends shifts at another! My schedule has completely changed, as I'll be working happy hour four days a week at this new bar, Stillwater Taproom, no late nights! So *fingers crossed* Kaitlyn and I will have more time to get her line completed this month. I'm also working on a line of lingerie that will be out the first week of February for Valentine's Day, not sure if I've mentioned that yet on my blog. Big news guys, big news.
So many new things in 2011! Very exciting things!
I'll be announcing the winner of the giveaway tomorrow night, so be sure to vote!

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  1. She did a great job! I wish I had those skills! Love her smile!

  2. @Boheme.Fille -- a few months ago she couldn't sew at all! You can do it if you just put time and effort towards learning : )

  3. she did a great job , I love to sew,i can not work with zippers to save my life
    can somebody help me please