Monday, May 31, 2010

50th entry GIVEAWAY!

I finally have internet in my new apartment! I've missed being away; it's been over a week!

The move was successful! Carload after carload, I am almost completely moved into my new apartment in downtown Augusta, Georgia. Still have more fabric and crafting supplies to move. My living room isn't quite set-up and my sewing room is in dire need of Rachael's organization skills (my sister is amazing). I was previously in Evans, 10 miles down the road, living with Rachael. She is the reason I moved to Georgia from Michigan.

Clementine causing trouble.

I started a few new jobs in the last month/week. I am a fitting specialist (seamstress) at David's Bridal, and a bartender at The Playground downtown. I wish I could continue to sew out of my home full-time but since I have to start paying rent again (my lovely sister didn't charge me), it's a necessary evil. But David's Bridal is so much fun, I get to use an industrial sewing machine! And I'm learning so much.

Let's get down to business. This is my 50th entry, so I'm having a giveaway! I can't believe I'm already at 50! The next 50 will be filled with more recycling/repurposing ideas, tutorials, and tips for living more eco-friendly. I can't wait for what's to come. I have so many great projects just waiting for me to get my hands on them! A new dress tutorial later this week with my sister as my model.

This lovely handbag was made from vintage Sears curtains and holiday table linens. It is a great carry-all and the yellow is great for summer! All you have to do it leave a nice comment below! The winner will be announced Sunday, June 6th.

Good luck, and tell your friends!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eco-friendly underwear and intimate apparel

I'm featured in a treasury, Welcome Summer Party.

I love waking up, kinda grumpy, checking my email, to see a new conversation, and a note that someone included me in a treasury! Last week I was in one, and then I was on the front page. Hopefully this treasury will do well and I'll be on there again, we'll see. I'm so excited my little sunglasses case is next to a Clare Bare swimsuit! I remember seeing her video tutorial on Threadbanger where she shows viewers how to make underwear from a mens flannel! She makes some amazing pieces. Go to her website for her blog and updates on new items.

Here are a few of my favorite items she has for sale:

There are so many great shops on Etsy selling eco-friendly underwear and bathing suits. Here are a few shops to check out:

I LOVE this shop! So many beautiful pieces that look like they are so comfortable. So flattering for the female figure. Vintage inspired designs. This is my favorite set. I also want this.

"100% recycled always".. everything in this shop is made from repurposed and recycled garments. No sweatshop labor! I love this shops ethical stance. Exactly what I do with handbags and repurposed clothing. I have made my own bathing suits but I'm not to the point of comfortably making them for others. Fabrics with stretch drive me nuts sometimes.

repurposed, deconstructed romantic apparel, lingerie and hair clips. 
I have to many old slips I use to sleep in. I really want to take a ton of them and turn them into something more useful. This shop has really pretty things!

As some of you know, I am not buying a single "new" item in 2010. Nothing mass produced, nothing factory made. Only handmade, repurposed, eco-friendly, or thrifted. IT'S SO EASY! It just takes a little more work but worth it! I find the most interesting, amazing pieces because I don't just pick something up without a second thought. I really think about what I'm buying, if I actually need it. And I pay attention to where my money goes. Whether it is to an artist that actually made the item, or a local thrift store that has a shelter and food bank.

Happy shopping! Buy handmade, and realize the impact just one person can have buying things from A PERSON, not something made in a sweatshop!

(All pictures taken from their respective websites.)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Addicted to shopping on Etsy:::


Today, I bought the cutest canisters on Etsy! "Flour" and "Sugar" from Death Machine.

I have these in my kitchen now. "Coffee" and "tea" that I found for maybe $1 or $2 each at thrift stores in Michigan. Vintage dishes are so expensive online! And thrift stores down here don't have any where near the quality housewares that the ones up north have. I miss Valueland! The font doesn't match perfectly, but they're close enough. AND I just found out today, I get to move in next weekend! I'm going to seriously start packing tonight. Which means little or no sewing for the next few weeks. : ( 

This is my old canister set. They're so dirty from being in the garage since November. These have been with me for years. I bought them at Volunteers of America for about $5. When I packed up my last apartment at Glen Oaks, I remember dropping two of the lids behind the fridge, and I thought to myself, "oh shit, well I'll get that when I'm done packing up the kitchen." Of course I never did. They're not much use without the lids, plus they're about ready to retire. I'm ready for a change!

I was just looking through old photos to try and find when I first bought these canisters. I was almost positive I bought them when Kevin and I lived on Cawood in Lansing, Michigan. I remembered pictures of Clementine on the kitchen counter and thought it'd help. The picture I found, I still had green circular ones, that I gave to my friend Kirsten when I got the wood ones. So it was around this time that I bought them. I did find the cutest picture of Clementine when she was little. It was right after we got Stella, so Clem was about 6 months, Stella was 5 weeks. She was so skinny! LOOK! 

Clem was super skinny, and Stella was the cutest little kitten! Her ears were so big for her. She finally grew into them. Our neighbor's cat (Black Cat, we call her) had four little kittens and holding one of them today reminded me of how beautiful Stella was when she was a baby. Oh, and that couch was, and still is, my favorite love seat! Check out that print!

So, tomorrow I'm fitting Rachael into this red dress (pictured above) that will be my next tutorial. She is really excited. Today she said, "So,... can I please keep the dress you're sewing?" in the sweetest "I want something" voice. She needs more summer dresses anyways. I gave her the condition that she has to model it for my tutorial before and after pictures. : )

Time for pizza and Lost. I missed it on Tuesday. 

Wish me luck with packing!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So much work to do...

In the process of moving, and planning out my new apartment, I've decided to part with my favorite desk. I've had it for about 6 years. Found it at Volunteers of America in Lansing for about $10 when I moved into my first place in Lansing, the duplex on Hillcrest. The legs fold up, and it's been so easy to move! I also found an amazing chair to match for $5. With some vintage contact paper added to the back, it made the perfect desk set. It's been with me for so long, has seen it's share of apartments.

Stella at my apartment in Muskegon, getting in my way while I was working.

Such a great chair!

My sister, Rachael, really likes it and it would be perfect for her laptop. I really need something bigger. So I'm just going to give it to her. Then she can finally get some computer speakers hooked up and listen to her iTunes library on something other than laptop speakers. She drives me crazy with that Rod Stewart bs, haha. 

Plus, I'm super excited to shop for something new! I've always worked this desk into my space, never considering I needed something else to maximize productivity. I'm going to start with furniture resale shops, thrift stores, and consignment stores. I can't wait to see what I find. 

I'd like to stick with my walnut theme. My spare bedroom is going to be my sewing room, photography studio, guest bedroom and craft room.

My sewing table is a walnut top with black legs from IKEA, pictured above. I'm thinking about getting another one of these, but longer for a cutting table, or just as a second work table, and set it up adjacent to the sewing table.

This EXPEDIT Station from IKEA would match it perfectly, and it's only $119.

Need to start shopping around and, most importantly, I NEED TO START PACKING!

I just bought the cutest salt and pepper shakers, hugging kitties! I bought two sets since shipping was so expensive and the shakers themselves are only $2.99! What a deal!

The other set is blue. I don't know what color my kitchen is going to be. Whichever one I don't use I'll probably give to Rachael. I can't wait to get these!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Amazing giveaway!

A blog I've been reading for a while now, Miss Indie, is having an amazing giveaway to celebrate her 100th entry. She crochets some pretty amazing pieces. Really chunky yard, bright colors, and her blog is just so cute! I entered the giveaway, and I encourage you all to do the same.

I really want this market bag! How pretty!

Visit her blog and enter! Four readers are getting 25 things. That's right. She's giving away 100 things!

Time to head to work. It's my first day at David's Bridal!

My outfit for my first day of work. 

Wool plaid high-waisted skirt: vintage, bought in Chicago for $5!
Leather belt: vintage, gift from Mom
White v neck sweater: Old Navy
Gold world necklace: gift from Sarah
Red leather flats (not pictured): Goodwill, $4

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Art In The Alley

Sarah and had yet another show, yesterday in Thomson Georgia: Art In The Alley. I started to post all these yesterday but I was too exhausted from Friday and Saturday. I needed a night away from my computer. 

It was a great show! I met Marion of McDuffie Arts Council at Art In The Park in April. He invited me to be a part of their 2nd annual show. Sarah and I had out booths set up next to each other and enjoyed music, and dancing all day at the stage in front of us.

Live music.

Here's my tan booth and Sarah's to the right.

It was literally in an alley behind their main street. It was the cutest little town! Thomson reminded me a lot of Ithaca, Michigan, the town where my mother grew up. 

It was super hot outside. Maybe in the 90s. So foot traffic suffered a little, but regardless, it was great.

"Grunge Goddess Pottery" was set up next to Sarah. Little kids paid $5 to "throw a pot" to take home and bake in their oven.

It was so awesome watching the kids get excited about pottery! I kinda wanted to do it.. but I'm a little old ha.

She had these amazing little piggy banks, second shelf from the top, far right. I really should have bought one. Her stuff was amazing.

Sarah in her booth. The wind took over later in the day, broke her tent, put mine on it's side. So unfortunately she had to pack up early and then about an hour later I also packed up. I didn't realize that in all the commotion with the tents getting knocked over, my coffee spilt into my bag with my D40 and my iPod. Luckily the body of my camera is fine, but I think the lens is ruined. I couldn't take anymore photos, the camera says "no lens attached" when it is still on the camera, so that can't be good. I need to find a camera shop in the area!

The last picture I took before disaster struck. This guy, forget his name, sang beautifully. Thomson is home to Blind Willie McTell, an influential blue singer from the 1940s and 50s. The music in the south is amazing and I can't wait to learn more about it.

I wish my camera was still working after we tore town. We went down to the main street and into The Big Dipper, the local ice cream parlor. There was an alpaca, like a llama, in it's little pen. The owners have 9 of them and they shave them and use their hair to spin yarn, it's soft like wool but hypo-allergenic. It was nice being able to see some of the other vendors merchandise before they tore down as well.

(taken from

My favorite booth these was the one set up by the Shakerock family. They make soap from goat's milk! With nine children, the family all contributes and makes all natural goat's milk soap, lotion, body soap, pet soap, amazing "Miracle Salve", and other products. I bought the Miracle Salve, it smells amazing! And I also bought the facial soap, I've used it three times and my face feels fantastic! Check out their website. It's full of pictures of their beautiful children and details on their products. They'll be them selling online soon. 

When we walked away from their booth, I said to Sarah, "OMG, I want nine children and a farm!" I think she thought I was crazy. Someday, when I do the whole settle down-get married-have kids thing, I'd love to live in the country, have a few chickens, maybe goats, a lot of land, and a big country home! I'm not sure if I could handle it but it sounds nice in my head, waking up and getting fresh eggs, having a ton of space to do whatever, have a huge garden. But I'm only 25 and I need to stop fantasizing about married life with children. I'm really far from that!

At the end of the day, my iPod was working again, but still no go on the camera. Hopefully I won't have to spend a few hundred dollars on a new lens! *fingers crossed* Maybe I can get someone to clean it and get it back to working condition. It's only 18-55mm and I've been wanting a new lens, but with what I shoot, I don't really need a bigger lens. I pretty much only use it for product photography and shows. We'll see!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Last First Friday

Just woke up; I slept terribly. Out of the shower, being bothered by hungry cats as usual. Getting ready for another show. Sarah's van is still loaded with everything from First Friday last night, and we're headed to Thomson today for Art In The Alley put on by McDuffie Arts Council. 
Last night we did First Friday. It was definitely my last time participating. I've set up down there every month, I think with the exception of January and February, since I lived here. The booth fee is $25, and it lasts from 5-10 P.M. Well I only sold 2 cassette wallets, which are priced $15 for shows. So I made $5. Luckily Sarah and I just split a booth this time to cut down on the work load, but still. $5?! 
My side.
Sarah's side.
I set up my entire inventory and watch people check out my handbags, criticizing the price right in front of me, too rude to care I can hear them. Or saying, awe that's cute, and then they continue walking. Sorry but my labor is expensive since I'm not a sweatshop and they are not mass produced. I brought the few pieces of clothing I've made to sell and set them up as well. Watching people who were clearly not going to buy anything touch the lighter colored dresses with hands that were probably not clean, OMG, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Of course I was polite and didn't say anything.
I guess I'm happy to have made back my $25, it's just very discouraging when you put in all that work and there is no  return. I will probably start doing Saturday markets instead of First Friday. Sooooo, enough complaining. I clearly need coffee and some Special K. Enjoy a few more pictures from yesterday!
I don't understand what this man's deal is. He wanders all over Augusta like this everyday. I first saw him around Easter, and I thought it was an Easter specific statement. Apparently not.
Notice the clothing at the end of the purse rack! I can't wait to have an entire rack full of clothes I've made!
Sarah and I. The little dress I'm wearing I bought at Volunteers of America in Lansing, Michigan years ago! The facing was coming out and all the seams were ripped. My sewing machine was broken at the time (I was going crazy) so I used stitch witch and fixed the whole thing. I never get a chance to wear it, but yesterday was so hot, it was perfect!
Sam set up next to us selling her handmade hemp jewelry and paintings. She also sets up at First Friday every month.
My wallets. I made a ton of new ones this week I'm listing tomorrow.
Enjoying a Miller Lite some retired Marines brought me! There was a beer tent set up nearby! I saw them drinking some beer and listening to the gospel band on 10th, and I was like "Whereeee did you get thoseeee??" Might be a little unprofessional but it was around 8 P.M. and it's downtown. Everyone was out and about drinking. Plus I'm plenty old enough.
The Marines set up to take donations for the local veteran's hospital. We always chat about the Marine Corps since my brother-in-law is a Gunnery Sergeant (Gunny) and they people that love the Marines. I'm proud to be a part of a military-loving family. My sister, Rachael, is in the Navy, my older sister, Sarah is married to a marine, Dan, my dad was in the Army during Vietnam, and both of my grandfathers were in the Army. I donated a few dollars to their cause but refrained from taking the tootsie rolls! I don't know how I managed. They're my favorite!
Time to get ready to head to Thomson. Hopefully this show is better than yesterday's!