Monday, January 24, 2011

David Bowie Wall Hanging

Using all recycled materials, and things I had lying around my apartment, I made this David Bowie wall hanging back in December. I finally purchased a staple gun the day I made this and just couldn't wait to use it! I don't know how I lasted this long without one.
The tank top came from Hot Topic in Lansing, Michigan about 4 years ago; they were on clearance for $3, and I bought the last four that they had. Knowing I would do something with them eventually, I wore the smaller sizes and stored the larger ones. Three years ago, when I finally opened up my Etsy shop after selling my purses for almost a year, I made a tote from one of the tanks and it sold almost immediately!
These wood frames came from two La Fave Marushka style silk screen prints I took apart to make a purse back in February of 2010. I saved them since I can't get rid of anything and knew I needed a staple gun to be able to stretch something new over them. 
Since the tank top wasn't as long as the wood frame, I took scrap turquoise from one of Kaitlyn's reconstructions and sewed the fabric along the bottom edge, right beneath the edge of the screen print.
Placing the fabric face down on my work table, I centered the wood frame on the fabric and trimmed down the fabric with a 2" edge on all sides to leave enough fabric to wrap around the frame.
Starting at the top, staple the fabric to the frame. Keep checking as you staple that the fabric doesn't slide. Then staple the bottom, keeping the fabric stretched tightly.
Next staple the sides, again, be sure the fabric is centered and tightly stretched!
Use extra staples at the corners. folding the fabric as shown below.
Voila, new wall hanging!

My Halloween costume in 2008. David Bowie-Aladdin Sane. I bought two pairs of silver spandex leggings from Wet Seal, turning one pair into a tub top by opening the inseam and reworking the fabric. My friend, Dana, and I went out to clubs in Grand Rapids. Someone asked me if I was the tin man and I almost slapped them. By far one of my favorite Halloween costumes.
I still have one more wood frame to use for another wall hanging. I think I might use photo transfer paper, ribbon, and applique to make a sort of portrait. Maybe I'll do something a little crazy with cat pictures. We'll see. First I have to sew more lingerie!
Happy Monday!

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