Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dying tablecloths

While trying to get her hands on a large piece of brown fabric for her next outfit, Kaitlyn found these yellow tablecloths at Salvation Army. We drove over to Hobby Lobby and purchased some Rit dye in "cocoa brown" and dyed the cotton tablecloths.
After filling a 5-gallon bucket with 3 gallon of hot water, Kaitlyn followed the directions on the box, adding the dye and the cotton. Stirring constantly for 30 minutes. 
After rinsing out the fabric until the water runs completely clean, she let the fabric dry overnight. The next day she came over to cut out the pattern and pieces for a dress.
Stella's favorite thing in the whole world, tissue paper. She has a hard time differentiating between sewing patterns and tissue I give her to play with. Maybe this is why I never sew with patterns.
Kaitlyn still isn't a big fan of my cats. Poor Stella. I think she knows Kaitlyn doesn't like her.
Unfortunately, the two pieces of fabric didn't come out exactly the same, but that was kind of expected. She used the bigger piece for the outside and the smaller piece for the lining.
The Cynthia Rowley pattern she used. From Simplicity Patterns.
Clem and I.
Kaitlyn did 99% of this dress on her own! The sleeves were a little difficult with the cutouts. But following the directions, Kaitlyn's dress turned out great! I think it was her favorite dress to date.
Only a few outfits left to finish! Kaitlyn's been doing a lot of sewing at her house, without me! The main goal of her project was to learn how to sew, and if she's doing it on her own, without my help, she's definitely fulfilled her project. Less than a month now until her show! 

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  1. An adorable dress!

    The look on Kaitlyn's face as Stella is lounging on the sewing pattern is priceless, lol.