Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

2011 has arrived! A small group of my friends and I rang in the new year at my place. I hosted a small cocktail party, proper attire required. I wore a black satin dress I repurposed from a vintage handmade formal gown I purchased at Valueland in Muskegon back in July. My sisters and Mom thought I was crazy for buying it because of it's massive bow. But it's just my style and it was perfect for the occasion.
These before pictures are from August when I still had little George running around, before Rachael moved. As you can see, the dress was a few sizes too big. The dress was custom made, not factory sewn, which was a huge plus. But the bra cups that were sewn in looked more like shoulder pads than anything else, the sash that held the bow was way too wide, and the dress needed to be shortened, a lot.
The dress reconstruction was quite simple and only took me a few hours. I actually did an invisible hem on the skirt, which is my least favorite hem! I took it in at both sides, shortened it about 25", and moved the bow a few inches over, and in turn, shortening the sash. 
My favorite part about this recon: making the crocheted thread that secured the back side of the sash! Behind the left side of the bow is 3" of crocheted thread that helps support the weight of the bow and sash. Like what is on the side seams of dresses that come with belts. Since I took the dress in I had to redo this loops. Using regular sewing thread I crocheted a new loop. So fun!
A few weeks ago I decided I'd host a cocktail party rather than brave the bars downtown. Plus, having been a bartender for so many years, the last place I want to spend quality time is in a bar. All my friends were thrilled with the idea! I made an amazing punch using sauvignon blanc (white wine), champagne, brandy, Grand Marnier, Sprite, lemonade concentrate, and chunks of frozen pineapple and peaches.
My friend, Sarah, came over and cooked while I was working Happy Hour at the bar. She made her famous artichoke dip, bean dip, and feta spread for fresh veggies. It was so yummy!
Now here's a ton of pictures from the night of me and my friends. Enjoy:
My friends Jessica and Carly. Jessica, if you can't tell, is Kaitlyn's sister!
Matt and I.
Sarah and Danny enjoying punch. Notice the massive 7 quart punch bowl beneath my amazing new cat wall hanging.
 My friend, Kesley, peeking through the kitchen. You may recognize him from this tutorial.
Matt, Carly, and Adam, my banjo playing neighbor that teaches high school physics, giving bunny ears.

Pretty ladies.
 Sarah and Danny. I love her face in this picture!
So sweet together. 
Amazing yellow shoes.
 Jason and Sarah.
 The boys enjoying some punch.
Sarah's brothers, Joel and Andrew. I love that we got all the guys dressed up. Matt and Andrew broke the "no jeans" rule. But Matt wore a tie, and Andrew shaved. Sometimes it's just asking too much, ha.
Kesley and I.
 New Kids on the Block were on ABC, along with the Backstreet Boys. While entertaining because it was so sad, it was pretty terrible when they talked or sang. So we playing vinyl records, awesome music and muted the TV.
 Sleepy Clementine was very curious about my guests. She hates it when people came over, but she was hanging around outside the living room almost the entire night! She actually let Jeremy, Adam's friend visiting from Britain, hold her. I was so surprised.
 Adam, Carly and Jeremy.
 A nice view of my amazing dress! The necklace and bracelet I wore Sarah actually made after Carly and Jessica arrived by taking a really long necklace and splitting it up. She made herself a necklace, one for me, and had enough for a bracelet! She used additional clasps from some necklaces in my jewelry box I never wear.
 Carly sitting on the couch, striking a pose.
Matt and I.
It was such a great night with everyone. Probably one of the best new years I've celebrated thus far. I'm so happy to have ended the year with such amazing people and in such style. I wouldn't have had it any other way. A great start to a year with so much ahead of me!

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  1. Great job on the dress and glad you had a blast at your party! Happy New Year!

  2. What great pics! Looks like you guys had an awesome time.

    You are so inspring. I will get out my sewing machine one day!

  3. Just randomly clicked on an older entry. Look at little George!!!